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Maintaining Your Rank on Google with Version 3.0
Posted by Divya T. on 30 March 2015 11:02 AM

Mobile-friendly Rotary themeAs of April 21, 2015, Google will be changing their search algorithm so that mobile-friendly sites rank higher in search results. If your club or district is currently on Version 2.0, this change will have a significant impact on how your website ranks online. Further, with a Version 2.0 website, you run the risk of not being included in search results made through mobile devices.

To read more about this upcoming change, please click here.

Version 2.0 is built on what is now an older architecture which we are going to stop supporting in the coming month, which is why we strongly advice all clubs and districts that have not yet switched to Version 3.0 to do so. Completely redesigned from the ground up, Version 3.0 boasts many new features and enhancements including a mobile-friendly experience, new Rotary branded website and bulletin themes, customization options, flash support and more.

We can help!

If you are unsure of which version your club or district is currently on, please contact our support team. If you prefer that we switch your club to Version 3.0, we'll be happy to do so at no charge. There is no different in price between the two versions, and switching does not affect your ongoing current events, activities, or admin duties.

To learn more about how to switch, we invite you to view our help guide which gives you easy to follow step-by-step instructions, though, once again, if you prefer our team do this for you, simply contact us with the name of your club or district and we'll be happy to do so.

Don't risk invisibility!

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Service Updates (March 5, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 06 March 2015 04:57 PM

New Features and Improvements

Bulletin 3.0 – New Theme Added

We have expanded the selection of bulletin themes with the new Plain theme. Bulletin themes reflect your preferred style, and allow you to customize the colours, fonts and overall look and feel of your bulletin. This bulletin has a flat feel, without any padding or borders around the banner and footer, resulting in a streamlined look.


Attendance 3.0 – Makeups Filtered by Dates

You can now filter the Makeups screen according to a given range of dates. You can select a starting date and ending date to view all makeups applied during that time period. 


Stories 3.0 – Story Dates Added

When viewing stories in the Story Library, you can now see the story date. Previously, this listing only displayed the date the story was published. 


Fixes and Other Changes

    • Bulletin 3.0: Users reported that images were not aligning properly in the emailed version of the bulletin. This has been fixed, so the emailed copy will match the online copy.
    • Volunteers 3.0: When sending volunteer invitations by email, incorrect start and end times were shown as time zones were not correctly converted. This issue has been addressed. 
    • Club Name Changes: Changes made to club names were not reflected on 3.0 websites' Club Executives page, or on district websites under the Organization Chart or Club Director and Contacts page. This has been fixed for updates made only through version 3.0.
    • Download Member Data: The year 2016 is now available for selection when downloading Member Data.
    • Venue Map Image: The venue map image on multi-language accounts was not updating for all languages. This issue is fixed.  
    • Birthday and Anniversary Widget: The widget was now recognizing the time zone for the expiry date.  
    • Grants Module: Attempting to click submit on the Individual Project Report tab resulted in an internal error. This issue has been resolved.
    • Classic Theme: Problems with the background overlapping images and descriptions in the Event Details page have been fixed. 

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Service Updates (February 19, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 20 February 2015 11:47 AM

New Features and Improvements

Attendance 3.0 – Multiple Banked Makeups

In response to user requests, we have introduced the Add Multiple Banked Makeups feature to the Attendance module. From the Makeups screen you can enter a single makeup date and description, and then select all members who reported this makeup for their banked makeups. This helps streamline event attendance entry.


Attendance 3.0 – Closed Meeting Makeups

Makeups can now be reported against closed meetings. Previously, you could not apply makeup attendance after a meeting had been closed in the Attendance module. With this new functionality, the meeting is re-opened for the purpose of adding makeups. Note that any additional changes in rules and settings will impact the attendance recalculation.


Stories 3.0 – Facebook Tags

Facebook tags have been added to the Stories 3.0 Social Media bar. When a site visitor clicks on the Facebook icon, a story thumbnail, title and brief are automatically created. This makes it easier to spread the word about your club activities through social media, and drive more traffic to your club site. 


Duty Roster 3.0 – Group Flags Fix

The Duty Roster Group Flags function allows users to track duty groups and tasks. Previously, groups were not displayed if no volunteers had been assigned to the task within it. Groups will now display, even if no volunteers have been assigned. This change makes tracking duty groups and assigning volunteers to tasks easier. 


MyEventRunner - District ID

MyEventRunner events created with Zone and PETS accounts now display the District ID of attending members. 


Email Services - Added Details for Zone Accounts

When a Zone account user views the recipient list of an email, more details are now visible through the Expand List popup. 


Fixes and Other Changes

    • District Link: The District website link on pages belonging to non-Rotary clubs now populates correctly.  
    • News Widget: The News Widget would always display the author name, even if it was not set to do so. This has been fixed.
    • Volunteer Emails: Some users reported that their email clients truncated volunteer invitation emails,  cutting off the registration link. This problem no longer occurs.  
    • Resend Email: Previously, deleted and deceased members would receive old emails sent with with the Resend Email tool. They are now filtered from the recipient list, regardless of when the message was orginally composed. 
    • Event Planner Registrations: Event Planner public registrations were unable to recognize different number formatting used in some countries. For example, countries where commas are used instead of periods for fee amounts. This has been fixed. 
    • Attendance 3.0: Some browsers failed to display the Save button on the the Rules and Settings page. This error no longer occurs. 

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Monday, February 16, 2015 - Family Day
Posted by Divya T. on 13 February 2015 04:27 PM

                                                                                    Family Day

Please note that on February 16, 2015, we will be closed for Family Day. Regular office hours will resume on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 9:00am EST.

From our family to yours, Happy Family Day!

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Service Updates (February 5, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 05 February 2015 02:29 PM

New Features and Improvements

Website 3.0 – Faster Publishing
We’ve made significant improvements to our rendering service. This will result in speedier publishing when making changes to your website.

Website 3.0 – Homepage Story Widget
We’ve introduced a new feature to the Homepage Stories Library Widget. The “Items to Display” feature sets a customizable cap on the number of stories which will be displayed on the homepage. The default setting is 25, but this can be changed by editing the Story Widget properties. It’s a good idea from a web design perspective to limit your visible stories to no more than two or three page scrolls.

eBulletin 3.0 – Archived Bulletins
When reviewing your archived bulletins, you can now see when a given bulletin was last sent, and when it was archived. This makes bulletin management easier.

Download Member Data – Privacy Settings
You now have a new field available when downloading your managing your membership list data. When downloading member data, you have the option to include member privacy options. These will be displayed in separate columns in the resulting Excel file download.

Website 3.0 – Items in Deleted Tab Automatically Removed
When you delete a story or photo album from your homepage, it is placed in the Deleted tab of the relevant library. You may restore the story or album to the Published library for a period of three months. After this, the item is automatically deleted.

SSL Certificates – Security Update
We’ve successfully updated all our SSL certificates to comply with SHA-2’s highest security requirements. Google Chrome recommends SHA-2 standards as the benchmark for web security. This improvement means your data enjoys a high degree of protection.


Fixes and Other Changes

  • Events 1.0: This module is no longer supported and no longer accessible. Users are asked to switch to Event Planner, which now includes the Volunteers module.
  • Member Profiles: When printing a member profile, attendance information is now correctly taken from v3.0, provided the club has made the switch to v3.0 for that module.
  • Attendance 3.0: Users reported errors with member type filters when using the Print Member List function. This has been fixed.
  • District Site: Club executives can now edit the Rotary International Member ID. Previously, this ability was limited to District Site Administrators.
  • District Site: The Club Information page on the district site would display Events and Speakers, but did not display titles for those sections. This has been fixed.
  • Volunteers Module: Previously, the removal of the volunteer signup list from a published event was sometimes not reflected on the website. This has been fixed.
  • Download Member Data: This tool now properly pulls up the correct year as of January 1st. It now treats July 1st as the start of a new year.

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