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Service Updates (January 21 & February 4, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 11 February 2016 04:01 PM

New Features and Improvements

Attendance 3.0: Per regulations enforced by Rotary International, we have removed the makeup eligibility window from the Attendance module, and have reverted the default value to 14 days for all clubs.

Attendance 3.0: Updates were made to the Mass Delete Makeups function, whereby, you can select makeup entries and members to remove from this list by either selecting all or a select few per page. Improvements were made to system memory such that if you were to select a few makeup entries on Page 1, and navigate to Page 2 to select more entries to delete, your selections on Page 1 would remain intact. The Check All button however only affects the current page (records that are visible on the page you are on) and not the entire list of records

Attendance 3.0: Help text was added to the Auto-Assign makeups page to further explain how the auto-assign feature works for current meetings vs. future meetings.

Website Designer (Navbar Icon): For clubs using the Next-Gen themes, we've added a settings page where you can add or edit your Navbar icon. The Navbar icon is the first item in your navigation menu and automatically links to your home page. To update, navigate to your Website Settings page. Under the Graphics section, you will now see a new option titled "Upload Menu Home Icon"; simply add your image from your image library.

Website Designer: Improvements were made to widgets optimization and rendering to display updates faster.

Built-in Pages (Photo Albums): We're going to be making it easy to access and edit the properties all of your built-in pages, starting with photo albums! Now, when you login to your website and navigate to the Website Pages section, you will see a new link on the left column called "Built-in Pages". Clicking on it will display all the built-in pages you currently have, along with their permalink address and links to edit their properties or view them. As part of this release, you will be able to edit the Photo Albums properties, whereby you can choose to display all your albums in a gallery or list format.

Bulletin Designer : Updates were made to the rendering process for widgets, to have the widget and preview page load faster after being updated.

Membership Manager: When terminating an honorary member, we've added two new membership statuses:

  • Past Honorary (Ex Member)
  • Past Honorary (Deceased)

Currently, when you change the status, the honorary member is placed in the Other Users list and this information must be manually sent to RI. We are working on implementing a new API from Rotary which will allow us to pass honorary termination information over to the RI database automatically. Upon its release, all honorary members that have left the club will move to the Inactive Members list, and the system will continue to maintain their history while noting their previous honorary status with the club. For more information, please click here.

Added Security (Version 3): We have updated all of the Admin pages to use HTTPS making the pages more secure. Accessing any page using HTTP will automatically switch to a secure connection.

Dues and Billing: You will now see a new report within the Dues and Billing module called Email Archive. Clicking on it will display when invoices were last sent, who generated them, the recipient list and the email stats.


Fixes and Other Changes

Contacts: Changes were made to the logic behind what defines a duplicate entry. The system will now match the first and last name fields as well as the email address field before classifying another record as a duplicate entry. Previously, another contact sharing an email address that already existed in the system could not be added into the contacts list.

MyEventRunner: Instances of the registration form breaking when periods were used in the phone number field were reported; this has been fixed, and periods are now supported within the phone field.

MyEventRunner: Clubs on the French version of ClubRunner reported receiving a JavaScript error when trying to add a registration; this has been fixed.

Website Designer: There were reports that when using a few older website themes, the banner would stretch on certain mobile devices. Updates were made to those themes to make banners responsive to the device.

Website Designer (Mid-Century Theme): Updates were made to the MidCentury theme to improve padding, column widths, etc.

Dues and Billing: Adding negative values for cancelled transactions was disabling the "post" button; this has been fixed.

Dues and Billing: Previously, if your generated bill had a lot of comments, you would not be able to email your invoices out due to the subject line being too long for some email clients (comments appear on the subject line). This issue has been addressed and regardless of the length of your comments, the system will automatically trim the subject line based on a default maximum length.

Bulletin Designer: When selecting a theme for the bulletin, there were instances where the font in the Editor did not match what was set as default for the theme; this has been addressed.

Bulletin Designer: The Page Specific widget under Custom Widgets was renamed to Bulletin Specific widget.

Email Service: Updates were made to the email service to manage how the stop service routine works when email send is in progress; all emails in progress will continue to be sent before the service is stopped.

Photo Albums: Albums where the title contained an apostrophe could not be deleted; this has been fixed.

Club Photo Directory Report: The photo directory report was not displaying Address Line 2, therefore only displaying a partial address; this has been addressed.

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New "Other User" types for previous honorary members
Posted by Divya T. on 27 January 2016 11:15 AM

We’ve now added two new “Other User” types for Honorary Members that have left the club, specifically:

  • Past Honorary (Ex-Member)
  • Past Honorary (Deceased)

Currently, when you change the status, the honorary member gets moved to the Other Users list, and from there, if need be, can be deleted. Kindly note, that we are working on implementing a new API from Rotary which will allow us to pass honorary termination information over to the RI database automatically. Currently this must be done manually.

Upon its release, all honorary members that have left the club will move to the Inactive Members list, and, the system will continue to maintain their history while noting their previous honorary status with the club. Additionally this information will automatically be sent to RI (if the RI Integration feature is enabled).

Our tentative release date for the new implemented API is early March 2016. Further details on the new API and any impacts will be available closer to the release date.

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Technical difficulties with our phone system
Posted by Jeffrey L. on 15 January 2016 07:23 AM

Update 10:00am - All lines are now up and running. Thank you for your patience.

[Jan 16, 2016 - 7:30am] - Please note that we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone system and our engineers are working to fix this. As a result, we are unable to answer any phone calls. 

For assistance, please email us at with your questions. We thank you for your patience and continued support for ClubRunner.

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Service Updates (January 7, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 12 January 2016 03:43 PM

New Features and Improvements

Membership Management: When looking through your "Active Members" list, you will see a new "action" next to all Honorary members called "Change Type". This will allow you to change the membership type of the honorary member to a variety of options including staff, corporate member, exchange student, etc. Doing so will add the honorary member to your "Other Users" list.

Email Message Center: We've added functionality to give you more control over your suppression lists. Often members stop receiving emails because of the message bouncing or because they might have reported a previous message as spam. As a result, they then get added to a block list and future messages are not delivered to them. You can now remove these email addresses from the suppression list. To do so, navigate to the Email Traffic Report page and then click on the Details link under the Actions column. Next, click on the number under the Emails Sent column to view your email statistics. On the top right of this page, you will find the "Manage Bounced and Block Emails" button. You will then see a list of email addresses that did not receive your message which you can then remove.

Email Message Center: When sending an email from the Email Message Center, if only some of the sub-groups are selected as recipients within a main group, you will see a partial check next to the main group, indicating that not all recipients have been selected to receive the email. For example, if under the "Active and Honorary Members" main group, you select only the active member category as email recipients, a partial check will be displayed next to the main group to indicate this.

Bulletin Designer: We've added a properties link for Archived bulletins so that you can edit the archived bulletin's group, visibility on website, access level to view as well as change the subject line.

Events 2.0: The event description will now be displayed on the registration page in addition to the event details page.

Social Media Share Bar: You can now turn off the share bar from appearing on your Site Pages. Simply navigate to the properties of a Site Page you want the share bar deactivated on, and uncheck the "Display Social Media Share Bar" option.

Dues and Billing: For our international customers, we've added Egyptian Pounds as a currency option.

Committees Module: Two new columns, Preferred Phone and Email Address have been added to the committees page for both clubs and districts.

Contacts: A mass delete function has now been added which will allow you to select multiple contacts to perform a mass delete. The Contacts module is currently only available in an Early Access phase (beta preview). To learn more about this module, click here.

Contacts: A universal "opt out" option has been added for contacts only, which overrides all other settings (i.e.: mailing lists, groups, organization channels, etc.). 

Attendance 3.0: The migration tool was updated to allow you to have more options to deal with active members that do not have Rotary Join dates populated in their profiles. Additional options include auto-populating the Date Joined Rotary field with the Date Joined Club value or to a date of your choice.

Attendance 3.0: Whereas previously, you could only delete makeups from closed meetings by navigating to to the Makeups tab on the closed meeting, you can now also delete makeups from the Makeups page. Simply click on Makeups under the Main column on the left side of your page, and click on delete next to the makeup you want removed. Highlighted rows indicate that the meeting is closed.

District Reports: Two new columns have been added to the District Club Growth report:

  • # of members added
  • # of members terminated

These new columns will display information based on the date range specified.

District Designations: Clubs now have the ability to run the Designation report on District designations from the club site. Now you can get a members complete designation list all in one report.


Fixes and Other Changes

Attendance 3.0: Whereas previously, if you navigated to a different page while making modifications to a meeting, your changes were not saved. This has been rectified and a warning message will now appear if you are trying to navigate away from your meeting without saving your changes.

Attendance 3.0: Changes were made to how the auto-apply works for makeups. The system will automatically apply the makeup to the oldest meeting found within the date range, whereas previously, it applied the makeup to the closest meeting.

Attendance 3.0: When using the date range for the makeups, the "To" field would subtract 1 from the date provided. This has been fixed to display all of the information based on the "From" and "To" date ranges.

Attendance 3.0: UI changes were made to the Meeting Guests area for an improved workflow with the relocation of a few action buttons and the addition of clearer confirmation messages.

Website Designer - Carousel Widget: The carousel widget title was not responsive when being viewed on a mobile device. This has been rectified and the title will now automatically resize based on the device.

Website Designer - Presidents Widget: There was an issue with the preview window of this widget not respecting the page layout column, which was causing some confusion with how it would appear live. This has been fixed.

Website Editor: Bulletins and number lists would not align properly next to an image; this has been addressed.

Website Editor: Webdings, Wingdings and symbol fonts have been removed as options from the font list.

Custom Pages: The preview button for Custom Pages would sometimes display a blank page. This has been rectified.

Bulletin Designer 3.0: Member commitments were not properly being displayed in Outlook email clients. This has now been fixed.

Bulletin Designer 3.0: For those using Internet Explorer as their browser, there was an issue where if you attempted to send a bulletin but then clicked on 'cancel' on the confirmation pop-up that appears, the send button would become disabled; this has now been fixed.

Bulletin Designer 3.0: When attempting to send a bulletin, there were reports where if you clicked on 'cancel' on the confirmation pop up and then directly on the "Preview" bulletin button, the close button (X button) would disappear. This has been fixed.

Bulletin Designer 3.0: Updates were made to the bulletin heading style tags to add consistency throughout the board.

Contacts: There were some reports of experiencing errors when assigning a group to a contact. This has been resolved.

District Club & Membership Page: The internal/external columns were not always reflecting the most updated information in regards to a status of the club. This has been updated as follows:

  • + indicates a ClubRunner subscriber
  • - indicates that the club is on trial with ClubRunner
  • No website indicates that the club is not a ClubRunner subscriber

District Dashboard: When clicking on the "Terminated Members" count link on the District dashboard, the termination column was not sorting when clicked. This has been addressed.

District eDirectory Reports: There was an issue with the Club Executive and Directors report for the district that was not showing the column headers for position, incumbent name, and email. This has been fixed.

Dues and Billing: The button in the Monthly Balance report that used to read "Regenerate Barcode File" now reads as "Refresh".

Sponsorship Module: On the Google chrome browser, an issue was reported where GIF images were overlapping the sponsor text. This has been fixed.

Volunteers Module: Members with regular access level (level 70) were able to unbook other members from tasks. This has been addressed and only club executives with an access level of 50 or better are able to unbook volunteers. Regular members can only unbook themselves.

Volunteers Module: Fixed an defect where tasks with an apostrophe would cause issues when trying to unbook volunteers.

Volunteers Module: An issue was reported where the volunteer signup list that was linked to an event was not displayed if the event had registrations disabled. This has been fixed so the volunteer signup list linked to an event will appear even if event registration has not been activated.

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Technical difficulties with our phone system
Posted by Divya T. on 12 January 2016 11:35 AM

Update [3:43pm]: All lines are now up and running and our voicemail system has been enabled once again.


Please note that we are currently having some technical difficulties with our phone system and are working to fix this. As a result, we have had to disable our voicemail system. Although you can continue to call our team, if all our lines are busy, your call will not go through.

For assistance, we recommend emailing our support team at with your questions. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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