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Service Updates (August 6, 2015)
Posted by Divya T. on 12 August 2015 12:35 PM

New Features and Improvements

Website 3.0 - Improvements to Story Library
Significant improvements were made to the Stories Library page. Whereas previously, the screen loaded the stories across all pages to the browser, this is now happening one page a time. This will make the page load much faster, however when selecting stories to add to a widget, users are cautioned that their selections will not be remembered across pages. A note has been added to that effect.

Website 3.0 - Link the Login Screen Removed in the Admin Only Service
The home page link has now been removed from those accounts who are subscribed to the Admin Only package.

Website 3.0 - Note Added to Login Screen During Maintenance
We've added a note to the login page during our maintenance windows to remind users that certain membership features may not be available during that time.

RI Integration - Updates to Adding a Termination Date
Terminating members is now restricted to only allow entering a termination date 30 days in the past (or 30 days in the future), as per Rotary rules.

District Version - Updates to the Club Listing Page
On the list of clubs, the link to each club's website (a house icon) will now point to the external website URL, if provided. 

Email System - Updates to the Recipient List
The recipient list attachment previously sorted by the groups that were selected, but is now sorting by club, then by name.

Fixes and Other Changes

    • District Grants Module: In some cases, a trained member did not get the proper access levels to submit a grant; this has been fixed.
    • Email Traffic Report: This page did not display its contents properly after a jQuery upgrade made recently; this has now been fixed.
    • Stories: The thumbnail feature did not properly link the image to the story; this has been fixed.
    • Club Logo: An uploaded club logo was creating duplicate files; this has been fixed.
    • District Map of all Clubs: This did not work in non-English accounts; this has been fixed. 
    • Dues & Billing: The company name did not appear on the invoice if preferred address was Work; this has been fixed. 
    • Attendance 3.0: Honorary members or those on an exempted status (Count if Attended) were showing as 0% if no meetings were attended; this has been changed to display as 100%.
    • Attendance 3.0: Permanently deleting a member was possible if they had attendance records in Version 3.0, which was not allowable in Version 1 for reasons of skewing historical data. These checks have now been added to Version 3.0. Now, if a member has attendance, makeup, or Leave of Absence records, they cannot be deleted from the Inactive Members list.
    • Member Profile: The Date format for dates on this page were fixed as MM/DD/YYYY regardless of the language for the account. This has been fixed so that is is based on the country's standard format, e.g. DD/MM/YYYY for Australia and Canada.
    • Zone Email: The custom distribution list search did not return all results in some cases; this has been fixed.

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Civic Holiday: August 3, 2015
Posted by Divya T. on 31 July 2015 01:58 PM

Kindly note, that our office will be closed on Monday, August 3, 2015 for Civic Day. Normal office hours will resume on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 9:00am EST.

We wish everyone a safe and happy long weekend!

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Service Updates (July 23, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 27 July 2015 04:51 PM

New Features and Improvements

Volunteers Summary Report
When generating a summary report with the Volunteers module, you had the option to generate a list of volunteer positions for a given task or event. ClubRunner has added the ability to print out this list and use it for sign ups at a club meeting. 

Dues and Billing - QuickBooks Integration
QuickBooks integration with the Dues and Billing module has been enhanced so that all changes to a member’s credit adjustments are saved within a new Credits file. Previously, credit notes were tracked within the Payments file. Separating the files makes it easier to accurately track actual income.

Dues and Billing - Input Changes
Changes have been made to the way figures are inputted into the Dues and Billing module. All payments, credit adjustments and debit adjustments must be entered as a positive number. Previously, users were able to enter negative numbers. This change prevents errors when exporting dues and billing information to QuickBooks.

Events - Calendar Integration
ClubRunner has added iCalendar (ICS) functionality to the Events module. This automatically adds upcoming events to their personal calendar of choice.  Users can download an ICS file by clicking on the calendar icon for an upcoming event on the details page for a given event. The ICS file is also available through the Bulletin and as an attachment to volunteer registration and cancellation emails. Once the file has been downloaded, click on it to automatically add the event to your default calendar software. iCalendar is used and supported by a large number of products, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.

Zone Emails - Recipient List Changes
In response to customer requests, we have split the email recipient list for the District Executives and Directors into two lists – Current and Next Year. This permits easier communication and reduces the potential for confusion during the period of transition around the Rotary New Year.

Website Content - Custom Widget Location Filter
It is now easier to manage your Custom Widgets, thanks to a new filter that permits you to view them according to location. When you access the Global Custom Widgets Library through the Website Content page, you will now see a series of filters. These filters let you only see the custom widgets that appear on your website, specific Custom Pages, specific bulletins, or all.

Image Library - Deletion Warning
When an image is deleted from the Image Library, it is removed from any page or bulletin where it was used. We have added a warning to inform users of this fact and help prevent accidental deletion.

Photo Albums - Various Enhancements
Several enhancements have been introduced to increase the functionality of your Photo Albums. On the Photo Album Library page, you now have the option to preview a photo as it would appear on the webpage. And, to make it easier to view which images you have uploaded, the size of photo thumbnails in the list was increased from 100 pixels to 150 pixels. Finally, the title and description of each photo is checked before saving to ensure they do not exceed character maximums.

Bulletin - Unpublished Changes Warning Message
We’ve added a warning message to prevent bulletin editors from accidentally sending out a draft bulletin. If the editor attempts to send out a bulletin with unpublished changes, a message appears warning of this fact.

eCommerce Module - Error Message Clarifications
When eCommerce transactions failed to process, the module generated error messages that did not specify any reason for the failure. We have changed these messages to explicitly state the reason for a failed transaction.

Login - Maintenance Warning
ClubRunner undertakes biweekly maintenance to roll out all changes and improvements we’ve made to the software. This is scheduled every two weeks on Thursday mornings between 9:00 am and 10:30 am EST. While this is underway, you may experience lag and loss of some functions. We have added a warning to the login page that appears during that time, so users are now forewarned before logging into their site. The public websites on Version 3 are not affected and should remain up during these updates.

Currency Added - Papua New Guinea
As part of our ongoing efforts to make the ClubRunner experience seamless for clubs regardless of their location, we have added the Papua New Guinean “kina” as a currency option in ClubRunner. If you do not see your currency listed on ClubRunner, you may request that we add it by contacting our support team.  


Fixes and Other Changes


    • District Club Listing: The internal website column now correctly lists clubs within the district according to whether they are ClubRunner subscribers or trial members.  Trial members are not listed on the public site, but are included in the internal administration club listing, prefixed with a “-“ sign.
    • Member Access Level:  Users with level 60 access (Editor) were unable to access the Edit Duty Roster function. This has been fixed.
    • Bulletin Deletion: An error would occur when deleting bulletins with name longer than 210 characters. This no longer occurs.
    • Member Profiles: A technical issue caused the inadvertent loss of Partner information from about 1,000 member profiles.  We have restored this information. However, members that have deliberately removed the Partner information from their profile in the past year may need to delete the data again.
    • Grants: When filling out Grant information, details from one tab would be lost if a user switched to another tab without saving first. This has been fixed.
    • MyEventRunner: When a member went into their event registration via the confirmation email link to order an add-on, the registration form would reset their package price.  This issue has been resolved. In addition any add-ons will be correctly charged at the new price.  
    • MyEventRunner: In certain cases, users were unable to register for an event twice using the same email address, even in cases where the event was set to allow duplicate registrations. This has been corrected. 
    • Volunteer Emails: Non-members receiving Volunteer-related email no longer see merge codes that draw information from member profiles.
    • Volunteer Emails: The Send to Myself function for email reminders now draws mail-merge data from the first available volunteer. Previously, it drew this data from the currently logged-in member, who would not necessarily be on the sign-up list, causing missing information in the email.
    • Member Profile Error: The Commitments tab in the member profile screen contained an error. The word "Backup" appeared in the Duty Roster field.  This has been fixed. 
    • Bulletin Embedded Media Warning: When users attempted to place embedded media in a bulletin, the content warning appeared twice. This no longer happens.
    • Club Information Widget: Recent changes to the way ClubRunner handles images caused the Club Information Widget to display an oversized logo when placed on a bulletin. The logo now displays correctly.
    • Links Widget: When placed on a bulletin, the Links widget header improperly displayed HTML.  HTML in the header now displays properly.
    • Attendance v3.0: The system now checks to see if a member has any relevant attendance data before allowing their member record to be deleted. If the member has any attendance or makeup data, has a Leave of Absence record, or is listed as exempted or excused, their record cannot be deleted.
    • Attendance v3.0: The Print Member List (Simple Version) report incorrectly included Other Users. This has been corrected.
    • Email Validation:  Email addresses were treated as case-sensitive in searches, meaning addresses were not always correctly identified. This has been fixed, and the system no longer considers upper and lower case letters in email searches.
    • Rotary Integration:  As Rotary International does not support integration of honorary members, this reference has been removed from the Compare and Synchronize function.  

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Our office will be closed on Wed - July 1 for Canada Day
Posted by Divya T. on 30 June 2015 02:32 PM

Happy Canada Day!


Please note that we are going to be closed this Wednesday, July 1 and will re-open on Thursday, July 2 at 9:00 am. 

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Service Updates (June 25, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 30 June 2015 01:33 PM

New Features and Improvements

CK Editor - Software Update
The CK Editor tool used to enter content into the webpages has been upgraded with the latest version of the software. The upgrade means ClubRunner web and bulletin design tools are up-to-date and current.

Fixes and Other Changes

    • CK Editor: Previously, users accessing ClubRunner with Internet Explorer were able to re-size images in the editing field by clicking on a corner of the image and dragging and dropping to the desired image size. This feature is no longer available, to better support proper re-sizing in the Image Properties window, which maintains aspect ratio.
    • CK Editor:  The CK Editor used for inputting HTML content did not respect custom CSS uploaded by users. The software was updated to the most recent version, resolving this issue.  
    • Attendance 3.0: The Attendance 3.0 module was not accurately calculating Year to Date (YTD) attendance in some cases, as the calculation was based on Eastern Standard Time. This is now determined according to the club's time zone. 
    • Website Grace Period: ClubRunner offers a 30-day grace period for customers with overdue accounts. Some customers reported that their websites had been set inactive before the end of this period. This error has been fixed. 
    • Volunteer Lists: Volunteer lists could not be assigned to events, except on the event creation screen. This issue is now resolved and volunteer lists can be assigned to events after they have been created.  
    • District Executive Reports: District clients experienced an error in which the executive list report was generated with outdated data. This has been fixed. 
    • Story List: Thumbnail images on the Story List were overlapping their frame border constraints and obscuring text for some websites. This issue has been resolved. 
    • Custom Widget Previews: Custom Widgets did not display when users previewed a Bulletin or Web Page. This problem no longer occurs. 
    • Account Statements: Accessing the ClubRunner Account Statement page to view your balance and invoices returned an error message for some users. This now functions properly.

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