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Long Weekend - Office Closed for Victoria Day May 23rd
Posted by Divya T. on 20 May 2016 06:03 PM

Please note, that our office will be closed on Monday, May 23rd for Victoria Day. Normal office hours will resume on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 9:00am EST.

For assistance, please continue to use our help resources to access FAQ's, on-demand tutorials and help guides:

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Technical difficulties resulting in outage [UPDATED]
Posted by Divya T. on 20 May 2016 05:28 PM

May 20 2016 [5:32pm] - All services have now been restored and websites should be functioning normally. Our engineers are still investigating the cause and we will post an update soon.

May 20 2016 [5:15pm] We're currently having technical difficulties that has affected the ClubRunner service. At this time, customers are unable to access their websites and admin pages. We are currently investigating this and will post an update once the service has been completed restored.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.


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Service Updates (May 12, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 20 May 2016 03:23 PM

New Features and Improvements

New Currency Added: In an effort to support our International customers, we've added the Botswana Pula (BWP) as a currency option that can be seen in the Dues and Billing, MyEventRunner and Event Planner modules. If you find that your local currency is not on the list, please contact our support team, so we can work to include it in the module.

Member Management - Designations: The Member Designations report now displays District Only designations as well for members with such roles. As a reminder, district only designations can only be edited from the district website itself.

Website Designer - Carousel: You will now see a new link in the Carousel widget properties to go directly to the Photo Album library page, from where you can create a new album for your carousel or view your current list of albums.

Fixes and Other Changes

Attendance 3.0: When applying makeups, upon defining specific date range and applying the makeup, the values in the date range fields refreshed back to default values; this has been fixed so that the system remembers the specified date range for 24 hours.

Dues and Billing: The subject line for invoices was coming from the billing comments; this has changed to pull from the invoice description instead

Dues and Billing: When using multiple tabs in your Internet browser while using the Dues and Billing module, an issue was reported with the line item sometimes being added to an incorrect bill; this has been addressed.

Dues and Billing: If a club has a payment account setup, invoices generated and emailed from within the Dues and Billing module contain a link to pay online, which was directing members to their transaction history; this has been fixed.

Event Planner: The download payment report was not showing the payment comments (if any); this has been rectified and the report will show all comments made by the registrant when paying.

Member Termination: When terminating a member and defining the reason, the termination date was resetting to the current date; this has been fixed.

Text Editor - Fonts: There were reports made that any text using the MS Serif font available as an option was appearing pixelated in emails and newsletters. As a result, this font has been removed.

Grants: Previously, grants could not be submitted for previous years; this has been changed so grant requests can now be submitted for the previous year.

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Search the website!
Posted by Ron (Support) M. on 11 May 2016 10:04 AM

It's here: Search the website!

We get excited about all the features we release, and this time around, it's no different. You asked for it, and we made it happen. With the number of wishlist items being implemented, dare we say, we don't need to search for reasons to celebrate.

Search away! 
We're pleased to present the new search function which has been added to all ClubRunner websites, allowing your visitors to search for any item anywhere on your website.

Where is it? You will see a magnifying glass appear on the top right of your website, near the member login. Clicking on it will expand the search box to open. The best part is that each search box matches the color and theme of the website template you've selected, which means it blends right in.


How does it work? When logged in, members can even search for items on private pages, making it easier for them to be aware of important details. If not logged in, the search bar will only display results from all stories, custom pages, site pages, photo albums and even events - all items that are meant for the public to see.

While the search will display all relevant results related to your query, you will always see your search term highlighted in yellow on the search results page making it easier to identify what you are looking for.

Now you can find any story or article that you might have missed or wanted to share and easily go beyond what's on the homepage. Give it a try and share your feedback!

To view our new Search video, click here.

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RI Integration New Service Testing This Week
Posted by Halle A. on 10 May 2016 09:46 AM

Please note that we are running tests on the new Rotary integration service this week and you may encounter slight delays in your updates being reflected on the RI database. You will not have to redo any changes, as all updates will be queued and completed after testing. Thank you for your patience as we work towards upgrading to the new API.

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