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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
Posted by Divya T. on 07 October 2016 01:53 PM

Please note that we will be closed on Monday, October 10th for Canadian Thanksgiving. We will reopen on Tuesday, October 11th at 9:00am EDT.

Here's wishing all our fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe and great long weekend!

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[Resolved] Email Delivery Delay
Posted by Zach W. (Support) on 06 October 2016 01:59 PM

[Oct 6 2016 5:30PM EST] The volume of emails for the ClubRunner mail system has returned to normal. If you continue to have any delays with your email being delivered, please contact the support team.

[Oct 6 2016 1:30PM EST] ClubRunner’s Email system is currently processing a larger than normal volume of emails. Emails being sent are successfully going out however due to the high traffic, there is a moderate delay from when the email is sent to when it is received. There is no need to resend your emails if they have not yet been delivered.


We will update this notice with more information as soon as it is available.

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Service Updates (September 15, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 26 September 2016 02:48 PM

New Features and Improvements

Speakers Widget: We've added a new setting within the Speakers widget property which lets you better promote your upcoming speakers. You will now see three new settings in the widget properties page:

  • Highlight upcoming day speakers: Selecting this option will automatically apply a background color on the upcoming speaker entry
  • Show photo of highlighted speaker: This option will display the picture of the upcoming speaker within the widget itself
  • Show description of highlighted speaker: This option will display the description that was added to the speaker entry on the speakers widget.

These settings only apply to the current week/day's speaker and will automatically apply for future speakers if left enabled.

Website Designer: You can now link to your bulletin list page directly from anywhere on your site. We've included it as an option to link to via the navigation menu, links widget as well as any story or custom page. The Bulletin List page has been added under the Built-in Pages option.

Districts can also now directly link to the current year's District Organization Chart & District Organization Chart with Photos.

Terminating Honorary Members: Updates were made to the way honorary members are terminated so that the process is the same as active members. Whereas previously, honorary members were first switched to an Other User from where they could be terminated, now you can simply click on the "Mark Ex" link to terminate the honorary member.

MyEventRunner: Confirmation emails sent to registrants now also include the description of the 'add-on' (if applicable) that was part of their registration.

Attendance 3.0: In an effort to make attendance reports more clear, we've added additional rows on the meeting page, to indicate what makes up the "meeting total" label. You will now see rows indicating the number of members that attended the meeting, the number of members that did not, and the number of makeups reported before seeing the final attendance count.

Fixes and Other Changes

Website Banners: There were reports that the banner preview did not accurately match the way the banner appeared on the home page preview; this has been fixed.

Website Banners: It was noted that website banners were not displaying properly on mobile devices for a few themes; this has been corrected.

Contacts Module: When adding a contact without an email address, changes were not saved when editing the opt out preference; this has been fixed.

New Member Program: Terminated members were not being automatically removed from activities under the New Member Program; this has been resolved.

Email Opt Out: There were reports that on certain mobile devices, the unsubscribe option for emails was difficult to view on certain themes; this has been fixed.

New Bulletin Module: Updates were made to the performance of widget rendering. As a result, pre-formatted (pre-defined) widgets load much faster.

District Contacts Module: On district accounts, there was an issue where if the email address was deleted from a contact's profile, the system was not saving the changes made; this has been addressed.

District Club Map: There were instances where a club's site link would not display on the District's Club Map page; this has been fixed.

District Grants: Within existing grants, there were reports that trying to link to a URL or page on the Individual Project Report would cause the screen to freeze; this has been fixed.

District Grants: For grants that had partners listed, an issue was preventing the list of partners from being edited; this has been fixed.

Zone Directory: Clicking on the "Directory by District" on Zone websites would result in an error; this has been addressed.

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Service Updates (September 1, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 26 September 2016 02:46 PM

New Features and Improvements

Event Planner 2.0: We had clubs often request to be able to view all the available currency options when defining payment settings for their events. Now, within the currency drop down for event payment options, you will see a list of all currencies.

Event Planner 2.0: A new option has been added to the payment settings for events which allows event chairs to collect the entire registration fee due prior to having members complete their registration. This setting only works for clubs that have the Online Payment and eCommerce module activated, as it directs members and guests to pay via credit card before completing their registration.

Bulletin Designer: Additional customization options have been added to the Bulletin Stories widget, which allow you to edit the design of the actual text in your story, including the font, text color, background color, the read more link color and more. You can now update the "Content Item Title Font, Content Title Font, Content Title Background Color, Content/Title Link Color and the Content Background Color". To do so, hover over the Bulletin Stories widget on the Bulletin Designer, and click on the cog wheel to navigate to the Properties page.

Bulletin Designer: Previously, when visitors clicked on the Bulletins link on your homepage, they were directed to a list of all available bulletins. You can now showcase your bulletins on your website in a gallery view, which displays a snapshot of your published bulletin, and details such as the bulletin title and its publish date. To switch to the gallery view:

  1. Click on the Website tab on top of your Admin page, and then on the Website Content link.
  2. Next click on the Pages icon and then on the Built-in Pages link on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on the Properties icon next to the Bulletin List and select Gallery View

Fixes and Other Changes

Terminating Members: Previously, you were unable to backdate a termination date for duplicate member records; this has now been fixed.

Mini Event Calendar Widget: Now when you click on a date in the mini event calendar widget, you will be redirected to the Event List page, which will display all the events for the next 30 days.

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[Resolved] Email Service Interruption
Posted by Zach (Support) W. on 26 September 2016 10:28 AM

[12:20 PM EDT] As of 12:20 PM EDT our mail provider has given us a notice that this issue is now resolved.  Customers who sent emails from: Event Planner, MyEventRunner, Dues & Billing Statement notifications, and the Committees modules, between 9:00 AM EDT and  10:00 AM EDT would now want to resend emails. Emails from those modules sent after 10:00 AM EDT time were queued to be delivered normally after the service interruption was resolved. All other emails that were sent should have arrived without an issue.


If you have further questions or concerns please contact support.

[9:10 AM EDT] We are facing some delays with emails being sent from the mail service provider ClubRunner uses. Our system has automatic procedures in place to send via an alternative provider. Email sent from Version 3 pages will continue to work. Emails sent from MyEventRunner, Password Reset page, Event Planner, Dues & Billing statement notices, and the Committee module will not have gone out. Please do not resend your emails at this time, as they are queueing.


We will continue to update this notice as we learn more.

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