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Rotary International RSS news feed temporarily unavailable
Posted by Zach W. (Support) on 09 January 2017 05:24 PM

Please note that there is a temporary issue on Rotary International’s end that is affecting the RSS News feed on ClubRunner. As a result, the RSS widget is currently not able to update and display new information.

Rotary International is aware of this issue and working to resolve it. Please note that there is no action on your end that is required.

Once the issue has been resolved, we will update this message.

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Thank you for an amazing year!
Posted by Divya T. on 23 December 2016 09:41 AM
From implementing over 600 of your suggestions so that you can continue to thrive to getting the chance to meet you at one of the many events we attended this year, 2016 was a great year.
As the year comes to an end, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and encouragement. From the ClubRunner family to yours, we wish you a happy and joyful holiday season.
Happy Holidays!

Please note our holiday hours are as follows:

Friday, December 23: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Monday, December 26: Closed
Tuesday, December 27: Closed
Friday, December 30: 9:00am - 12:30pm
Monday, January 2: Closed

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Rotary International Maintenance Notice
Posted by Zach W. (Support) on 01 December 2016 11:00 AM

[Status Update] The Rotary International Integration services has been restored this afternoon. Updates are in queue and are being processed accordingly. Thank you for your patience and continued support for ClubRunner.


Please note that due to a planned maintenance at Rotary International’s website services over the weekend, you will notice a delay with the Rotary International integration features.



Parts of will be unavailable from Saturday to Monday, 3-5 December, beginning at 05:00 Chicago time (UTC-6), while we perform scheduled maintenance. During this time, you may not be able to access areas that require sign-in, including convention registration, giving, club and district administration, and Rotary Club Central.


Once Rotary International's maintenance has been completed, queued changes will be delivered to Rotary and processed. Some updates may be processed manually and take up to 10 business days. 

More information may be available from Rotary International's website.

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Service Updates (September 29 and October 13 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 14 November 2016 02:17 PM

New Features and Improvements
v3.2016.09.29 and v3.2016.10.13

Dues and Billing: In an effort to support our International customers, we've added the African Rands (ZAR) as a currency option that can be seen in the Dues and Billing, MyEventRunner and Event Planner modules. If you find that your local currency is not on the list, please contact our support team, so we can work to include it in the module.

ClubRunner now available in Croation: ClubRunner is available in multiple languages where you can design your entire website and have the back-end appear in your language. We're pleased to announce that we now support the Croatian language. For a list of all languages ClubRunner is offered in, please click here.

Website Designer: We're happy to introduce a new Rotaract specific color variation for our Next-Gen theme. Now, within the Theme library, you will see a Cranberry color scheme under the Millennium theme, which was designed to be in line with Rotary's visual identity guidelines.

District Download Member Data Report: New fields were added to the Download Member Data report on the District site, specifically:

  • Club Mailing Address
  • Club Phone
  • Club Fax
  • Club Email
  • Club Website

These fields pull data from the new Club Information page we released a few weeks ago.

Fixes and Other Changes
v3.2016.09.29 and v3.2016.10.13

Attendance 3.0 (Barcode Module): If a member's badge number was changed, when scanned via the Barcode Scanner and uploaded, the meeting records were failing to recognize the new badge number; this has been addressed.

Membership Management: Improvements were made to the member profile page, where a validation message will appear if the "Date Joined Club" field is filled in incorrectly.

Dues and Billing: On the Settings page, the "do not apply" option was not being respected and was applying changes made to all members; this has been addressed.

Dues and Billing: Updates were made to the Account Balance field to further clarify when money is owed by the member or to the member. Now, if a member has a pending amount due, additional text will appear as "member owing to the club"  whereas if the club owes money to the member, additional text will appear as "club owing to the member".

Website Designer: When using YouTube's short URL link to embed videos into your site, the screen would often freeze; this has been fixed. Simply click on the "Embed Media" button and paste the YouTube short link, generally in the form

Links Widget: When editing the Link Widget title, if you tried to save your changes by clicking enter, users were directed to an error page; this has been fixed.

Website Designer: Updates were made to the home page preview option from the "Select Theme" page.

Website Designer: The preview window was failing to display the website's banner in preview mode if a custom footer had been added; this has been fixed.

Website Designer: Clicking on the publish button from the "Site Page Preview" page would not successfully save the changes made to the site page; this has been fixed.

Website Designer - Stories: When restoring deleted stories, the system was failing to restore the direct URL. This resulted in a 404 error when the restored story was being accessed via the website; this has been fixed.

Website Designer - Stories: There were instances where users were adding HTML into the story title in order to apply style tags, which would occasionally cause the story to not display. Updates were made to the system to ignore HTML tags in the title field as they should be applied using the title editor toolbar.

Website Designer (Admin Only): Clubs using the Admin Only version reported that they were unable to change the club logo; this has been fixed.

Bulletin Wizard: On occasion, trying to delete an existing bulletin template would result in an error; this has been rectified.

Bulletin Wizard: There were reports that the Text Version of the bulletin in Gmail was not displaying correctly when clicking on Gmail's "Message Text Garbled" link. This link is meant to display the text version of an email when it does not load properly; this has been fixed.

Bulletin Wizard: When adding a story to your bulletin from the Story Library, if the "Save and Exit" button was clicked, the story would not be successfully saved and added to the newsletter; this has been rectified.

Bulletin Wizard: Updating a story title at the same time as editing a story through the Bulletin Wizard, the changes to the title were failing to save; this has been fixed.

Bulletin Wizard: There were reports that if there were no widgets in the Bulletin Designer, you were unable to scroll to the bottom of the page; this has been addressed.

District Event List Page: Previously, when adding events to the District Calendar, they did not appear on the District Event List page as it was filtering to display specific events only; this has been fixed so that the Event list displays all events.

District eDirectory Reports: The District Organization chart was missing the DG's home phone; this has been fixed.

District Grants: There were reports that when editing a trained member and uploading a new file, the uploaded file was not saving; this has been fixed.

District Grants: For grants that had partners listed, an issue was preventing the list of partners from being edited; this has been fixed.

Zone Directory: Clicking on the "Directory by District" on Zone websites would result in an error; this has been addressed.

MyEventRunner: The Help Text meant for questionnaires was not displaying on forms; this has been fixed.

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We Remember
Posted by Divya T. on 11 November 2016 11:04 AM

Today we remember those brave soldiers who have served our nation and thank those who are. #LestWeForget #WeRemember

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