Service Updates (Oct 30, 2014)
Posted by Divya T. on 03 November 2014 12:24 PM

New Features and Improvements

  • Website Designer 3.0 - Ability to customize Birthdays & Anniversaries widget with borders
  • Volunteers 3.0 - New mail-merge fields added
  • Website and Bulletin Designer 3.0 -  Updates made to RSS settings
  • ClubRunner 3.0 - Ability to view ClubRunner renewal invoice amount for upcoming year and history of previous payments made

Website Designer 3.0 - Ability to customize Birthday & Anniversaries widget with borders

You now have the ability to customize the birthday and anniversaries widget by adding borders and padding to the widget, similar to the design options available with the other widgets. You can further select from the different options of border styles, line thickness and color. Click on the cog icon on the widget to access the Settings page from where you can select these options.

Volunteers 3.0 - New mail-merge fields added

This week, we added the Task Date/Time mail-merge tag to the email templates within the Volunteers module, so that you can further personalize your emails. If you have suggestions on mail-merge tags you would like to see made available, email us at

Website and Bulletin Designer 3.0 - Updates to RSS Settings

To provide the best experience for your RSS readers, we recommend entering your URL in Atom 1.0 format. Please click here for more information.

ClubRunner 3.0 - Ability to view ClubRunner renewal invoice amount

Whereas previously club executives only saw a reminder message on top of the Admin page informing them of their upcoming ClubRunner subscription renewal date, we've now added a link to the clubs Account History with ClubRunner! 45 days before the subscription is set to expire, a reminder message will appear on the Admin page with a link to an Account Statement page that will display the amount due for the upcoming year, as well as the history of all previous payments made. This will only be visible to the club executives.


Fixes and Other Changes

    • Website Designer 3.0 - Issue where heading classes within editor were not respected within the stylesheet has been addressed.
    • Website Designer 3.0 - Certain themes had gaps between the widget borders which has been now been fixed.
    • ClubRunner Content 3.0 - Story list page alignment issues fixed and date flag fixed.
    • Custom Pages 3.0 - Removed HTML tags from appearing in the page titles of browsers.
    • Email Message Center 3.0 - Improvements made to performance for large mailing lists.
    • ClubRunner Sponsors 3.0 - Sponsors added through the Image button with the editor now stretch equally with those uploaded using the single image uploader option.
    • Duty Roster 3.0 - A few users had reported an issue where their changes were not being saved. This has now been fixed.
    • Volunteers 3.0 - Various fixes implemented for issues reported with deleting tasks and groups. Report formatting improvements have also been made.
    • Attendance 3.0 - Updates made to adding and editing makeups.
    • Attendance 3.0 - Issues with the barcode scanner records upload has been addressed.
    • ClubRunner Version 2.0 - Improvements made to speed and performance of system. The ClubRunner application will be reset every data at 4:00am EST. A warning message will always appear an hour prior to this occurring.
    • District Committees - Committees marked as 'private' no longer appear on the District Org Chart.
    • RI Integration (District Version) - District admins can now edit RI numbers for clubs not online with ClubRunner.
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