Service Updates (November 27, 2014)
Posted by Divya T. on 01 December 2014 11:36 AM

New Features and Improvements

Volunteers 3.0 - Greatly improved the readability of the sign-up list grid in emails

As part of the new Volunteers 3.0 module, volunteer chairs and site admininstrators have the ability to send task invitation emails to volunteers. Users reported the format of the email that outlined the available tasks and volunteers was difficult to read, especially on mobile devices. We have now greatly improved the readability of the list, making it easier for you to view the information.

Volunteers 3.0 – New Mail Merge Field: Date + Time Combined

Sending volunteer emails has gotten easier, thanks to a new mail merge field.  Previously, using the Date and Time merge field feature when a time or date had not been entered for a volunteer task would result in an oddly formatted message.  For example, let’s say you created a volunteer task for November 28 without setting a start and/or end time. This would cause the date to be presented as "Nov 28 2014 From TO".  The new format displays the date and time clearly

Volunteers 3.0 – New Mail Merge field: Group Name

We’ve added a new mail merge field for volunteer tasks. The Group Name merge field lets you automatically populate volunteer emails with the appropriate volunteer task group name. 

Volunteers 3.0 – Add ability to set volunteer chair

Previously, only event chairs, site administrators and executives could edit the volunteer tasks associated with a given event.  We’ve added the new role of volunteer chair, which can be assigned to members with standard access levels. The volunteer chair can edit the details of a given volunteer task group, such as changing times and dates or assigning volunteers. He or she can also optionally be copied on all confirmation and cancellation emails.

Volunteers 3.0 – Added end time during initial signup creation

During initial volunteer task creation, no field was provided for the End Time. This has been corrected, and will correctly calculate the end time if you choose to use the increment by Hour or Minute feature.

Event Planner 2.0 – Event ID Codes Added

In response to requests from our users, we’ve added Event Codes to Event Planner. This makes it much easier for you to track member payments for events from within your Sage or Beanstream merchant account. You can assign your own Event Code when creating a new event, up to 10 characters long, or add one to an existing event by editing the event details. All payments transactions for that event will have the same code, appended by the unique registration ID, making it much easier to determine who has paid for what.  

Event Planner 2.0 – Hide payment option in registration form if no account specified

Events created with EventPlanner 2.0 no longer display a payment option in the registration form if no online payment method has been identified. You can still set a fee, but if no online payment has been selected, the payment section will not appear in the registration form. Previously, an inactive greyed out payment button would appear, causing confusion for some users.

MyEventRunner – Allow admin to add registration even if form has been disabled

Site administrators and event chairs can now add registrants for an event, even if the signup form has been disabled. This permits you to add late registrants or special guests after the signup window for other members has expired.  Site administrators must login to MyEventRunner and use the Add Registration link to add these attendees.

Site Pages – Soft Delete

We’ve added a new tab to the Site Page Library, where you are able to access and edit deleted site pages. Previously deleted site pages were removed and lost entirely.  This new “soft delete” function allows you to restore old pages as needed. Clubs can also use this as an archival tool, holding on to older pages without cluttering up their active libraries. Deleted pages are removed from the website, while remaining accessible to site administrators as needed

ClubRunner 3.0 – Reminder message for accounts to pay now has link to Invoice

In response to user requests, we’ve now included an invoice link in payment reminder messages. Now, when you see a notice at the top of the Admin page reminding you of an upcoming renewal, the link to the Account Statement also contains a link to a full invoice. Clicking the link takes you to a printable invoice containing full details.

Fixes and Other Changes


  • Email Message Center: CTRL+S function now works in email. Users had reported the CTRL+S function, which normally saves work in editing fields, was not functioning for emails.
  • Volunteers 3.0:  Scheduled emails now go out at the proper time instead of immediately.
  • Website Sponsors:  Expired sponsor links were appearing on secondary pages, and had to be manually removed. Now, sponsor ads are automatically removed when the sponsorship time period expires.
  • ClubRunner 3.0: Members with limited level 80 and 90 access were still able to access the email message center. This function is now restricted to them.
  • ClubRunner 3.0: Anchor tags were not functioning properly. The tags would function properly in editing, but were replaced by links back to the home page on the live site. Manual entry of Anchor Tags should be used instead, and the tool to create anchors from within the editor has been removed to prevent future errors.
  • Volunteers 3.0:  The module automatically added area code brackets to phone numbers, a feature that is not suitable for phone numbers in Australia. Australian users may now enter their phone numbers normally.
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