Service Updates (December 12, 2014)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 12 December 2014 01:12 PM

New Features and Improvements

ClubRunner 3.0 Photo Albums - Added Ability to Edit Date Added field

Among various enhancements made to the usability of the Photo Albums feature, you can now edit the Date Field when you create a new album. You can also retroactively edit an existing album. This makes it easier to sort or locate photos from significant occasions, such as holidays and anniversaries or historic club events. Previously, the date was automatically set to the date of upload.


ClubRunner 3.0 Photo Albums – Improved Graphical User Interface

The Photo Albums have also gotten easier to use, thanks to an improved graphical user interface. You will find navigating the photo albums more intuitive and access their functionality with greater ease.


ClubRunner 3.0 Club Info Widget - Motto and Greeting Fields No Longer Mandatory

Previously, the site administrator was required to fill in a club motto and greeting when editing the fields in the Edit Club Info and Settings link.  Many clubs do not have a set greeting and/or motto, but the fields could not be left blank. Site administrators can now leave either field (or both fields) empty as needed. 


Event Planner 2.0 - Registration and Confirmation ID Added to Reports

Tracking registrants for events generated with Event Planner 2.0 is now much easier, with the addition of two new information columns. All event reports now include unique Registration and Confirmation ID numbers for every person registered for a given event. 


eDirectory 2.0 - Club Charter Date Added

You can now add your club's charter date to any report you create with the eDirectory 2.0 tool.


Fixes and Other Changes

  • Contact Us and Single Email: These features required use of the Captcha security tool, even if the user was logged in. This has been corrected.

  • Event Calendar: Draft events created with Event Planner 2.0 were displayed on club calendars. Now, only finalized events appear on the club calendar. 

  • Event Calendar: Club events now all appear as "Club Event" on the District calendar, regardless of how the event was defined at the club level.
  • Event Calendar: You can now filter Speakers by type when viewing the event calendar.

  •  eDirectory 2.0: The ampersand symbol would not display correctly in eDirectories saved as Word documents. This has been fixed.

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