Service Updates (January 8, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 23 January 2015 03:27 PM

New Features and Improvements

Attendance 3.0 Beta – Data Migration Now Available
Clubs beta-testing the Attendance 3.0 module now have the option to migrate existing attendance data from previous versions of the module.  You can migrate all meetings and makeups and all leaves of absence entered in earlier versions of the Attendance module. Once you have moved this information to V3.0, future attendance information is automatically reported to the district.  And, any reports accessed through your administration page will then make use of the V3.0 data.

Volunteers 3.0 – Email Templates Added
You now have the option to send volunteer chairs confirmation messages using new email templates.  Using the Signup Confirmation for Chair and Signup Cancellation for Chair templates, you can inform volunteer chairs of changes directly. These templates can be chosen on the Notification Settings page, which can be accessed under the Settings & Customization menu. 

eDirectory Report Builder – New Information Fields Added
Users now have greater selection when it comes to generating reports with eDirectory.  You may now specify Active or Honorary members when generating a report. You may also filter members according to “Date Joined Rotary” as well as “Date Joined Club.” Previously, “Date Joined” was the only field offered, and this referred only to the date the member joined Rotary.

Zone Version  - New Email Groups
Zones using ClubRunner now have the ability to send emails to District Governors according to their Year as well as by district. These lists can be expanded in detail to further customize the mailing list. For example, you could send an email only to Past District Governors who served in a range of year, within a certain set of Districts. 

Club Info and Settings – Other Users Now Included
Clubs may now identify non-members as Bulletin Editors and Website Contacts. This allows clubs who delegate those duties outside the club to provide contact details. Previously, only members could be selected for these roles. 

MyEventRunner – More Space for Descriptions
The Add-Ons and Packages descriptions field provided by MyEventRunner was previously limited to 400 characters of text. This has been expanded to 1,500 characters, providing enough space for detailed descriptions of Add-Ons and Packages.


Fixes and Other Changes

  • QuickBooks: The dating format for the Export function was set to the standard practice used according to the account country's’s language setting, whether this is formatted as day, month and year or as month, day and year. However, QuickBooks expects all important to follow month, day, year format. So, regardless of local practice, the date is accurately re-formatted as mm/dd/yyyy when exported to QuickBooks.
  • Content Editor:  The Content Editor has been upgraded, fixing reported problems some users had with inconsistent spacing and cursor movements when spell check was activated.
  • Attendance 3.0: On the Add Makeup screen, it is now easier to rapidly add similar records with the Save and Add Another button. Previous information about the makeup date and description is retained when the new makeup information form is generated.  Note there is also an Add Multiple Makeups screen that you to enter makeup details once and select multiple members who may have attended an event or makeup activity.
  • Website Sponsors:  Sponsor ads linking to an email address have been reported to cause problems dependent on the user computer settings. For example, some Firefox users report an error message. While sponsors may still provide an email address as their ad link, the field is now named Website Address to encourage administrators to use a web URL when possible for more reliable results.
  • Events 2.0:  In response to user feedback, we’ve re-named the Name Tag text field that appears when registering guests. The field is printed on name badges below the guest name. It is now simply known as the Tag text field, and is used to display any additional information under the guest name, such as their club or member affiliation. If left blank, this field previously defaulted to display the club name. Now, if left blank, the field does not appear.
  • District Email: District users can no longer send email to Other Users, as Other Users are specific to clubs only.
  • Club Documents/Download Files: Filenames containing non-alphanumeric characters caused errors with uploads. These characters (such as %,&,$, etc.) are now removed from file names automatically to prevent these errors.
  • Dues and Billing: Customers reported formatting problems when using carriage returns in invoice comments. This issue has been fixed, and you may now properly enter carriage returns in invoices.
  • Story Library: The Story Library page has been improved. Users with large numbers of stories in their library were experiencing errors. These errors have been resolved.


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