Service Updates (January 22, 2015)
Posted by Divya T. on 30 January 2015 04:17 PM

New Features and Improvements

Attendance 3.0 Beta – New Print Member List Filters
Clubs beta-testing the Attendance 3.0 module are now able to customize printed member lists, thanks to new filters. The Print Member List feature now allows users to filter their member list according to Active/Honorary Members as well as non-member Other User contacts.

Site Pages – Page Removal
Site pages that have been removed will be deleted after a period of three months. Until that time, removed pages remain accessible through the Deleted tab in the Site Page Library

MyEventRunner – District ID Added to Reports
Tracking event attendance is now easier for Zone accounts. District ID number will now be added to MyEventRunner. Members must use their ClubRunner login when registering in order for the District ID to be saved.

New Member Program – Activity Lists Sorted by Sequence ID
Your New Member Program Activities can be sorted in sequence, with the addition of a sequence ID field. Currently created activities are assigned a sequence ID of “1”, but this can be edited as needed.  

Country Codes – Réunion Added
The French Island of Réunion has been added to the country codes in telephone fields, allowing contact and club information to be accurately added.  


Fixes and Other Changes

  • Bulletins: Changes made to current bulletin banners were also reflected on archived past bulletins. This no longer occurs.
  • Custom Pages:  When users create a new custom page using the homepage widget, their page is automatically added to the homepage as well as the custom page library.
  • Club Documents: The “Uploaded On” information column accurately updates when a new document is added. If a document is uploaded again, the field automatically reports the date of the latest upload.
  • Photo Albums:  Deleted photo albums were appearing as links on the homepage. This has been fixed.
  • Attendance 3.0 Beta:  The My Attendance and Print Version links have been fixed.
  • Club Logos: When uploading a new club logo with v3 of ClubRunner, v2 pages did not reflect this change. This has been fixed. New logos appear on all pages.
  • Custom Distribution Lists: If users attempted to enter a Custom Distribution List name longer than 50 characters a general error occurred. List names longer than 50 characters can no longer be entered.
  • Venue Maps: Venue Maps were not refreshing when updated with ClubRunner v3. This is now fixed. If no map is provided, ClubRunner generates a default Google Maps link based on the latitude and longitude set for club meetings. 


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