Service Updates (February 5, 2015)
Posted by Divya T. on 05 February 2015 03:09 PM

New Features and Improvements

Website 3.0 – Faster Publishing
We’ve made significant improvements to our rendering service. This will result speedier publishing for you when making changes to your website.

Website 3.0 – Homepage Story Widget
We’ve introduced a new feature to the Homepage Stories Library Widget. The “Items to Display” feature sets a customizable cap on the number of stories which will be displayed on the homepage. The default setting is 25, but this can be changed by editing the Story Widget properties. It’s a good idea from a web design perspective to limit your visible stories as much as possible.

eBulletin 3.0 – Archived Bulletins
When reviewing your archived bulletins, you can now see when a given bulletin was last sent, and when it was archived. This makes bulletin management easier.

Download Member Data – Privacy Settings
You now have a new field available when downloading your managing your membership list data. When downloading member data, you have the option to include member privacy options. These will be displayed in separate columns in the resulting Excel file download.

Website 3.0 – Items in Deleted Tab Automatically Removed
When you delete a story or photo album from your homepage, it is placed in the Deleted tab of the relevant library. You may restore the story or album to the Published library for a period of three months. After this, the item is automatically deleted.

SSL Certificates – Security Update
We’ve successfully updated all our SSL certificates to comply with SHA-2’s highest security requirements. Google Chrome recommends SHA-2 standards as the benchmark for web security. This improvement means your data enjoys a high degree of protection.


Fixes and Other Changes

  • Events 1.0: This module is no longer supported and no longer accessible. Users are asked to switch to Event Planner, which now includes the Volunteers module.
  • Member Profiles: When printing a member profile, attendance information is now correctly taken from v3.0, provided the club has made the switch to v3.0 for that module.
  • Attendance 3.0: Users reported errors with member type filters when using the Print Member List function. This has been fixed.
  • District Site: Club executives can now edit the Rotary International Member ID. Previously, this ability was limited to District Site Administrators.
  • District Site: The Club Information page on the district site would display Events and Speakers, but did not display titles for those sections. This has been fixed.
  • Volunteers Module: Previously, the removal of the volunteer signup list from a published event was sometimes not reflected on the website. This has been fixed.
  • Download Member Data: This tool now properly pulls up the correct year as of January 1st. It now treats July 1st as the start of a new year.
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