Service Updates (March 5, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 06 March 2015 04:56 PM

New Features and Improvements

Bulletin 3.0 – New Theme Added

We have expanded the selection of bulletin themes with the new Plain theme. Bulletin themes reflect your preferred style, and allow you to customize the colours, fonts and overall look and feel of your bulletin. This bulletin has a flat feel, without any padding or borders around the banner and footer, resulting in a streamlined look.


Attendance 3.0 – Makeups Filtered by Dates

You can now filter the Makeups screen according to a given range of dates. You can select a starting date and ending date to view all makeups applied during that time period. 


Stories 3.0 – Story Dates Added

When viewing stories in the Story Library, you can now see the story date. Previously, this listing only displayed the date the story was published. 


Fixes and Other Changes

    • Bulletin 3.0: Users reported that images were not aligning properly in the emailed version of the bulletin. This has been fixed, so the emailed copy will match the online copy.
    • Volunteers 3.0: When sending volunteer invitations by email, incorrect start and end times were shown as time zones were not correctly converted. This issue has been addressed. 
    • Club Name Changes: Changes made to club names were not reflected on 3.0 websites' Club Executives page, or on district websites under the Organization Chart or Club Director and Contacts page. This has been fixed for updates made only through version 3.0.
    • Download Member Data: The year 2016 is now available for selection when downloading Member Data.
    • Venue Map Image: The venue map image on multi-language accounts was not updating for all languages. This issue is fixed.  
    • Birthday and Anniversary Widget: The widget was now recognizing the time zone for the expiry date.  
    • Grants Module: Attempting to click submit on the Individual Project Report tab resulted in an internal error. This issue has been resolved.
    • Classic Theme: Problems with the background overlapping images and descriptions in the Event Details page have been fixed. 

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