Service Updates (April 2, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 07 April 2015 04:28 PM

New Features and Improvements

Volunteers 3.0 – Non-Member Notifications

Two new non-member notification settings have been to the default email templates - sign-up confirmation and sign-up cancellation. The new non-member email templates are similar to previously existing member templates, save for the fact they do not include links to login to change a booking.  


Volunteer 3.0 – Standalone Sign-up Lists

Clients using the enhanced volunteer module may now create standalone volunteer sign-up lists.  Previously, sign-up lists had to be associated with a specific event. You also have the option to generate a public URL link for the standalone sign-up list 


Attendance 3.0 Beta – Reports Complete

Users with access to the Attendance 3.0 Beta now have access to all reports. This includes the Customized Report, and both the simple and full versions of Print Member List.  


Event Planner – Event Location Added to Emails

Confirmation emails sent through the Event Planner now include the location and address of the event with which they are associated. 


Fixes and Other Changes

    • Image Uploads: Images uploaded with the editor interface no longer default to left alignment. Alignment is no longer set by default. To change the alignment, double click or right click on the image to edit and view the image properties.
    • Club Communications: The "To" name generated for outgoing emails no longer includes the recipient's title. In addition, it will insert the recipient's Nickname instead of Firstname, if this information has been set by the member.
    • Password Reset Email: The reset link sent in Password Reset emails is now live for 24 hours. Previously, it expired after eight hours. In addition, the deliverability of this email has been improved, making it less likely to be filtered.  
    • Volunteers 3.0: Some users reported the Expand/Collapse function in the Volunteers module was not working correctly. This has been fixed.
    • Volunteers 3.0: The Name of the sign-up list had changed to Assign an Owner. This has been fixed. 
    • Email Templates: Images inserted into email templates were not saving. This functionality has been restored. 
    • Event Planner Registrations: The Capcha security tool would return an error if the incorrect answer was entered. In addition, the Capcha form was obscured by the Sponsors widget in some themes. These problems are now resolved. 
    • Bulletin Subscribe Widget: The Bulletin Subscribe widget now correctly reflects the website language setting. 
    • Zone Access Rights: The List link to display all users with certain access rights was empty for all rights. This is now fixed. 
    • District Organization Chart: French language sites were unable to properly display this widget. The Previous and Next links were not functioning, due to an issue with apostrophes. This problem has been resolved.  
    • Event Planner: Capcha was not displaying the payment form when users clicked the Attend/Decline link in their invitation email. This is now fixed.   
    • District Download Member Data: District Positions are now categorized by type and sorted in the same order as they are displayed on the website.  In addition, an error in the Reset All button was clearing some values rather than resetting them. All values now reset correctly. 
    • District Map of Clubs: The popup box associated with each club pin on the district map was cut off. This has been fixed. 
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