Service Updates (April 16, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 20 April 2015 11:14 AM

New Features and Improvements

Attendance 3.0 Beta – Now Open to All Members

ClubRunner is pleased to announced that our Attendance 3.0 module Beta is now open to all members, after six months of extensive testing by select clubs. This new module offers a significant improvement in functionality and ease of use. For more information on Attendance 3.0 and to find out how to make the switch, click here.  

Volunteers 3.0 – No Login Required for Invitation Email

ClubRunner continues to streamline our volunteer management tools. When a member receives a signup invitation email, they no longer have to login to the club site to access the signup page. They can simply click on a link within the invitation email and are taken directly to the signup list. 

Volunteers 3.0 – Sign Up Enhancements

Previously, when you signed up for a volunteer task, the system would attempt to match your name to a member in the database. This caused some signup duplications if names were not a perfect match. Now you have the option to sign in directly as yourself (if you are logged in), or to select a member of your club or database from a drop down menu, if have appropriate access, or sign up non-members by entering their contact details directly. 

Documents – Easy Linking to Documents

Club members can now easily create direct links to club documents from external pages. When working with club documents, you will now see a Get Link option under the Actions heading. When you click Get Link, a pop-up window with a direct URL to the document appears. Simply copy this URL and you can now paste it into any external pages or emails. 

Sponsors Widget– Changes to Sponsorship Guide Display

The Sponsorship Guide displays by default when you place the Sponsors widget in your website or bulletin. This default setting can now be changed for each widget and for each type of page (eg: home page, secondary pages and bulletin). To access these settings, go to the Sponsor Settings link within the Website Content section.

District eBulletin 3.0 – System Managed Groups Added

When you are sending out your District eBulletin, you now have the option to select system managed groups as bulletin recipients. For example, you can now select to send email to District Executives, or to Club Executives and Directors for this year, or next year. This makes it easier to target bulletins to these district defined groups.  

Version 2.0 Pages - Redirects to Version 3.0

Some users reported that Google and other search engines were directing visitors to pages created under v2.0 of ClubRunner. In other cases, site visitors using outdated bookmarks would be taken to a v2.0 page. We have implemented code that detects whether or not a v3.0 copy of a given v2.0 page exists. Visitors are redirected to the v3.0 page. If no v3.0 page exists, they are redirected to the v3.0 Club or District homepage.


Fixes and Other Changes

    • Email - Recipient List Attachment: When sending an email, the option to "Send a List of Recipients as an Attachment" is now defaulted to yes. 
    • Email - Send to Myself: Emails sent using the "Send to Myself" button were not correctly displaying mail merge fields. This has been fixed.  
    • Email - Stats Sorting: Column headers will now sort emails as expected when the headers are clicked. 
    • Email - Zone Template Images: Users attempting to insert images into zone templates were unable to access server images. This has been rectified. 
    • Email - Sent Email Sorting:  Sorting functions for users viewing their Sent Emails have been restored to proper function. 
    • Email - District Recipient List: When choosing a recipient list in District Email, clubs were listed by full name. Clubs are now listed by short name and the sorting method changed for greater ease of use.
    • Event Planner - Registration Forwarding: The Invitation Email template contains a link allowing members to register for events. Errors were encountered when users forwarded these emails to other people, who attempted to register using the same link. The template now contains an additional generic link and instructions to use this link when forwarding the email. Additionally, the registration welcome page asks the visitor to ensure the name displayed is correct before proceeding with registration. 
    • Event Planner - Guest Registration Page: The top menu was not linking properly on the Guest Registration Page. This has been fixed. 
    • Event Planner - Tag Text: When generating name tags, the club name field would also display the club type in brackets. This has been removed for default club types, such as Rotary. It will continue to display for non-default club types, such as Rotaract. 
    • Event Planner - Double Registrations: Previously, it was possible for a user to create duplicate registrations if they double-clicked on the Register button. This has been fixed.  
    • eDirectory Reports - Executive & Director Reports: Users generating Club Executive & Director reports encountered inaccurate data for future years. This has been fixed.
    • eDirectory Reports - Executive & Director Reports: District users were unable to extract Executive & Directors as a data source when generating reports. This function has been restored.   
    • Bulletin - Archived Bulletins: The Bulletin Archive View link would display mail merge codes within archived bulletins. This has been corrected to display the public version.  
    • Bulletin - Archived Bulletins: Future dating a bulletin has been limited to five years, to prevent the creation of unnecessary blank pages on the Archived Bulletins page. 
    • Grants Module - Qualified Clubs List : When reviewing qualified clubs in future years in the Grants module, only clubs for the current year were displaying. This has been fixed.   
    • Version 2.0 Modules - Rendering Issue: Changes to v2.0 modules were not reflected on public pages, including speakers, events, members, executives, committees and club information. This issue is now resolved. 
    • Member Management - Termination Dates: Clubs operating in countries on the other side of the International Date Line from where our server is located were reporting errors when deactivating club members. The local date was not accepted by the server as a termination date, stating that a future date was unacceptable. This has now been fixed. Dates one day ahead of our server will now be accepted. 
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