Service Updates (April 30, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 01 May 2015 04:39 PM

New Features and Improvements

Volunteers 3.0 – Copy Signup List

The Volunteers 3.0 module now allows you to make a copy of volunteer signup lists. This feature replicates the entire signup list, including its settings, groups and tasks (including dates and times if available) without copying over the assigned volunteers. With this feature you can quickly replicate signup lists without needing to re-enter the group and task details.

Zone Sites – District Organization Enhancements

Previously, Zone administrators could not edit any of the District organization charts through the Zone administration panel. Zone administrators are now able to edit district positions and assignments for districts in their zone, but only for those Districts do not have ClubRunner for their own District. 

Attendance 3.0 - Links to 1.0 Functions

Users that have switched to the new Attendance 3.0 module will notice that the Admin page links under Meeting Services now direct you to the 3.0 functions by default, along with secondary links to the Version 1.0 equivalents. Users are asked not to make changes or additions to the Version 1.0 data, but rather to use these links to confirm the accuracy of their Version 3.0 data. 


Fixes and Other Changes

    • Date Picker: The date picker function (used by several ClubRunner tools to select a date for events or scheduling) now formats and validates itself according to local standards for dating in all available client languages.  
    • Photo Album Slideshow: Previously, the slideshow automatically resized images across the entire screen. In the case of smaller images this could significantly degrade image quality through pixellation. Images now appear at their full size. 
    • Volunteers 3.0: The signup list invitation link sent to members via email would not work if the signup list in question was marked as “members only.” Members who followed the link were asked to login. This has been fixed and the link now goes directly to the signup list. 
    • Volunteers 3.0: When sending emails to volunteers the mail merge fields for Volunteer Task and Volunteer Task Date/Time did not display. They now merge correctly.  
    • Password Reset Requests:  If a member requested a password reset, the help message would direct them to the club president if the website contact was not specified in the club settings. The site would not properly check the year, leading to reports of members being directed to past presidents. This has been fixed.
    • District Organization: District administrators reported that executive changes made to clubs that are not on ClubRunner were not being applied after they were entered. These changes now render as expected. 
    • District Organization: In certain conditions, a new District Governor position assignment would not save properly. If the assignment was edited and the administrator navigated forward a year, and then back, the changes made to the District Governor assignment were not reflected. This error no longer occurs. 
    • Event Planner: Users reported overlapping text on the page when attempting to register additional guests for an event. This has been fixed 
    • Editor: The default font color in the text area would sometimes switch to light grey. This has been fixed, and the editor font will always reflect the default font associated with the page’s theme.  
    • Attendance 3.0: When generating a customized attendance report, the end date in the Selected Date Range field would automatically advance one day when the user clicked Go. This has been fixed. 
    • Attendance 3.0: The Next button on the Add Multiple Makeups screen did not function. The button now works as expected. 
    • Club Organization: HTML formatting code entered into club executive and director title fields did not render as expected. Instead, the raw code would display. The HTML code is now applied to the titles as intended.
    • Page Owners: Other Users could not be assigned as owners for custom pages, site pages, stories and photo albums.  Only Active Members could previously be selected as owners.  Other Users may now be selected.  
    • Custom CSS Security Warnings: Clubs with custom CSS files uploaded received security warnings when accessing secure pages (such as payment and registration pages) on their club site. This has been resolved.  
    • Download Member Reports: Users trying to generate a list of inactive members according to the reason for their termination found the resulting reports were blank. These reports now populate correctly.   
    • Member Profiles: When viewing and editing Member Profiles, selecting the Rotary tab would sometimes cause a JavaScript error. This has been fixed.
    • Grants: The Add Multiple and Download All buttons on the Grant Documents page would bring users to the wrong page after submitting. This error no longer occurs. 
    • Bulletins: Bulletin subscribers could not be added. When attempting to enter the name of a subscriber, users received an error message. This feature now works as expected. 
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