Service Updates (May 14, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 25 May 2015 11:25 AM

New Features and Improvements

Volunteers 3.0 - Expanded Email Capabilities

Volunteer management has just become even easier, thanks to an expansion in Volunteer email functionality. New functions include the ability to schedule when you would like an email to be sent and the ability to upload file attachments. 

Retrieve Login Information – Contact Form

Previously, users requesting a new password were asked to contact the website manager at an email displayed on the screen. In these instances users are now directed to a contact form instead.  

MyEventRunner - Time Zone Clarification

MyEventRunner does not support local time zones. As such, events created with MyEventRunner default to Eastern Standard Time (EST) New York. To prevent confusion the note "EST - New York" now appears beside all time and date fields in MyEventRunner functions. In addition, clicking on the note brings users to the time zone converter. This allows users to quickly calculate the appropriate EST time and date setting that reflects the desired time and date in their own time zone. 

Content Editors - Insert Image Function Improvements

Users can now access all photo albums when making use of the insert image function in any given content editor. This makes it easier to post an image in multiple places throughout a website without the need for uploading it again.

Club Documents - Multiple Uploads and ZIP Downloads

You now have the option to upload several files at once into your club documents section, with the addition of the Add Multiple button. Users may also download their entire library of club documents with the new Download All function. This function automatically archives all club documents into a single ZIP file.


Fixes and Other Changes

    • Grants: An error in the expiry date option for trained members caused members to expire, even if there was no expiry date. Now, if you specify no expiry date, the expiry field is hidden and members will not expire.   
    • Event Planner: Previously, if a user added a related link it was automatically prefaced with "http://", even if the link URL already contained this preface. This has been corrected. 
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