Service Updates (June 11, 2015)
Posted by Pieter van Hiel on 30 June 2015 01:39 PM

New Features and Improvements

PayPal Standard and Pro Integration Now Available
In response to client requests, ClubRunner customers located outside Canada and the United States may now integrate their site with PayPal Standard for event payments and member dues. This means ClubRunner now offers both PayPal Pro and PayPal Standard integration. There is an annual fee for this integration service. PayPal is one of the world's largest internet payment companies, trusted by large online stores such as Amazon. To connect ClubRunner with your PayPal Standard or Pro account, contact our sales department

Website 3.0 - Custom CSS Themes
Customers who wish to upload their own custom themes may now disable the pre-generated system themes. This allows you to replace, rather than simply override, existing system themes. This new feature prevents system themes from interfering with any custom themes you may wish to apply. This function can be accessed through the Website 3.0 settings. Note that use of custom CSS is recommended only for clients with extensive web design experience.

Image Library - Thumbnail Sizes Increased
In response to customer requests, we've increased the size of thumbnail previews displayed when accessing the Image Library. The size increase makes it easier to browse and select the images you want when designing your website.

Attendance 3.0 - Print Member List Changes
When using the Attendance 3.0 module Print Member List (Simple Version) feature you now have the option to print a double-column version of the member list. This feature allows you to print more compact member lists, using fewer pages.

eBulletin 3.0 - Scheduled Bulletins Now Display in Send History
Previously, scheduled bulletins did not appear in your Bulletin Send History until such time as they had been sent. They are now listed at the top of your Send History page along with links to view the bulletin or cancel the scheduled delivery. 

RI Integration - New Membership Termination Reason
When terminating a membership clubs now have the option to select Non-Payment of Club Dues as a reason for termination.

RI Integration - Allow Membership Termination 31 Days Ahead
When terminating a membership clubs may now set the date of effective termination up to 31 days in advance, instead of 30 days. This was added to reflect the requirements of clubs operating on the other side of the International Date Line.

Site Page Library - Related Pages Can Be Assigned Owners
Members can now be assigned as the owner/editor of related pages created under a given site page. While this defaults to the user who created the related page, it may be set to any club member regardless of their access level. They are then able to edit and maintain that page.  This feature makes it easier to delegate the update and maintenance of your club’s site.

Contacts Module - Additional Contact Upgrades
Contact limits have been established for the Contacts module. These limits are based on the size of the club or district. Clubs may upgrade their maximum number of contacts (and aquire extra email credits at the same time) for a small monthly fee. Click here to find out more or contact us for more details. 

Image Library – Image Orientation Detection
In response to reports of images appearing sideways after uploading, file meta data is now checked to ensure images appear with proper orientation. Note: This feature only works with digital images taken directly from a camera. Scanned or edited images may not contain the meta data needed for automatic orientation.

Fixes and Other Changes

    • Email Dates: Event-related emails sent by clubs located in Australian timezones displayed an inaccurate date. This has been corrected.  
    • My Commitments:   Past volunteer tasks were displayed as active on the My Commitments page. This has been fixed. 
    • Grants Module: The issues related to the View All Grants link on District sites not loading has been rectified. 
    • eBulletin 3.0: The Bulletin Send History page was displaying sent bulletins according to subject. They now display according to date sent. 
    • Domain Aliasing: Customers using domain aliasing reported SSL errors when attempting to access club documents that required a login. This has been resolved.  
    • RI Integration: When a club created a custom member type, that member type was not reflected during RI Integration. Clubs can now choose to integrate custom member types. 
    • Story Library: Clubs operating in Spanish found that Story Library items were not sorting properly by date. The issue stemmed from differences in dating formats. Items are now sorting correctly by date.
    • Dues and Billing: Names on the Batch Main screen of Dues and Billing are only sorted by last name, instead of last name followed by first name.  
    • Attendance 3.0: Year to Date (YTD) Reported Attendance and YTD Actual Attendance figures were mismatched for honorary members. Adjustments have been made to the way YTD Reported Attendance is calculated in order to resolve this problem. 
    • MyEventRunner: MyEventRunner Add-Ons were restricted to a maximum quantity of 99. This limit has been increased to 999.
    • Navigation Menu Links: When building the website menu, Signup List Links were displaying members only and standalone lists as well as public lists. This has been changed so that only Public Signup lists are visible to non-members. 
    • New Member Program: The New Member Program now saves data faster and no longer returns the user to the top of page after an element is saved. These changes make editing faster.
    • Attendance 3.0:  Member Searches in the Attendance module would not return results under certain conditions. This issue has been fixed.
    • Email: The Recipient List Attachment feature displayed user’s middle names. This no longer occurs.
    • Committees: The buttons used to reorganize sub-committee lists were not responding. They now function as expected.
    • Email: Inactive members could be selected for inclusion in a Custom Distribution list. They can no longer be selected.
    • Zone Email:  Custom Distribution Lists were not listing in alphabetical order. They now display properly.
    • Email: Use of an exclamation point in an email address resulted in a formatting error message. Exclamation points can now be used in email addresses.  
    • Club Calendar: Sponsor ads were not appearing on the calendar page. They now appear in the sponsor area as expected.
    • Custom Widgets: When users created a new custom widget, the title would reset to the default when the widget was saved. The titles now save properly.
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