Service Updates (August 6, 2015)
Posted by Divya T. on 12 August 2015 12:31 PM

New Features and Improvements

Website 3.0 - Improvements to Story Library
Significant improvements were made to the Stories Library page. Whereas previously, the screen loaded the stories across all pages to the browser, this is now happening one page a time. This will make the page load much faster, however when selecting stories to add to a widget, users are cautioned that their selections will not be remembered across pages. A note has been added to that effect.

Website 3.0 - Link the Login Screen Removed in the Admin Only Service
The home page link has now been removed from those accounts who are subscribed to the Admin Only package.

Website 3.0 - Note Added to Login Screen During Maintenance
We've added a note to the login page during our maintenance windows to remind users that certain membership features may not be available during that time.

RI Integration - Updates to Adding a Termination Date
Terminating members is now restricted to only allow entering a termination date 30 days in the past (or 30 days in the future), as per Rotary rules.

District Version - Updates to the Club Listing Page
On the list of clubs, the link to each club's website (a house icon) will now point to the external website URL, if provided. 

Email System - Updates to the Recipient List
The recipient list attachment previously sorted by the groups that were selected, but is now sorting by club, then by name.

Fixes and Other Changes

    • District Grants Module: In some cases, a trained member did not get the proper access levels to submit a grant; this has been fixed.
    • Email Traffic Report: This page did not display its contents properly after a jQuery upgrade made recently; this has now been fixed.
    • Stories: The thumbnail feature did not properly link the image to the story; this has been fixed.
    • Club Logo: An uploaded club logo was creating duplicate files; this has been fixed.
    • District Map of all Clubs: This did not work in non-English accounts; this has been fixed. 
    • Dues & Billing: The company name did not appear on the invoice if preferred address was Work; this has been fixed. 
    • Attendance 3.0: Honorary members or those on an exempted status (Count if Attended) were showing as 0% if no meetings were attended; this has been changed to display as 100%.
    • Attendance 3.0: Permanently deleting a member was possible if they had attendance records in Version 3.0, which was not allowable in Version 1 for reasons of skewing historical data. These checks have now been added to Version 3.0. Now, if a member has attendance, makeup, or Leave of Absence records, they cannot be deleted from the Inactive Members list.
    • Member Profile: The Date format for dates on this page were fixed as MM/DD/YYYY regardless of the language for the account. This has been fixed so that is is based on the country's standard format, e.g. DD/MM/YYYY for Australia and Canada.
    • Zone Email: The custom distribution list search did not return all results in some cases; this has been fixed.
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