Service Updates (October 15, 2015)
Posted by Divya T. on 06 November 2015 02:35 PM

New Features and Improvements

  • Website Designer 3.0: Next-generation themes and a Carousel widget have been added for our Beta testers.
  • Membership Manager: When reactivating a terminated member, if the changing status is NOT a terminated status, then the Termination Date will clear out and be hidden.
  • Dues and Billing: We have added a new currency: South Korean Won (KRW).
  • Bulletin Designer 3.0: Now when copying a bulletin, only active Page specific widgets will get copied over; All other page specific widgets that are not included in that bulletin will not be copied over.

Fixes and Other Changes

  • Attendance 3.0: Dashboard now displays current year's attendance with last year's data overlaid for comparison purposes.
  • Attendance 3.0:  When closing and re-opening a meeting, it was taking a long time to complete the task (90-180 seconds). This has now been fixed and should take less than 5 seconds to open/close a meeting.
  • Website Designer: The Animated Sponsors widget has now been fixed for Google Chrome where it was displaying a black background around the image.
  • Events 2.0: Event Location has now been added when creating a new Event Invitation, this was missing in the previous Event Invite.
  • Dues and Billing: When using the Comment Box of a Credit, Debit, or Payment entry, you should no longer receive an error when attempting to save that entry.
  • District Grants: On the Grants Dashboard, both the Qualified Clubs & Notification preferences links should now work to the proper page, no more 404 errors.
  • District Grants: Qualified clubs should now appear in alphabetical order (sorting properly).
  • District Grants: Previously, the Contact name kept changing to the default member at the top of the list. This has now been fixed to only display the selected contact.
  • District Grants: The Preview Grants module button was showing for all customers, not just those on a ClubRunner trial. This has been removed.
  • District Grants: The Grants Settings page instructions have been modified to be made more clear.
  • Club Documents: In the Club Documents page, it was very difficult to hover over the More button and get to the Delete link. This has now been fixed, the gap has now been removed so it should be much easier.
  • General: States are now alphabetized correctly based on the full state name. Previously, the system was sorting by the 2 letter abbreviation.
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