Service Updates (November 26, 2015)
Posted by Ron M. (Support) on 12 February 2016 11:13 AM

New Features and Improvements

 Events 2.0: We've now made the sharing of your event page easier by modifying the Event URL to display the event name in the URL rather than the system generated ID, making for a friendlier URL address. This means that your event URL will now display as

Website Designer: Beta testers evaluating our Next-Gen themes will see that a new color palette has been added under the Midcentury theme, along with some overall theme enhancements.

Website Designer: Whereas previously, you could only link to the Speakers list page as an option within the "Built-in" pages to link to, you can now link to a specific speaker entry using the "Link" button on the editor and then clicking on the 'Speaker' option. You'll then be able to choose which speaker entry you want to link to.

Attendance 3.0: Rather than have a fixed two-week rule that could either be turned on or off, we've introduced a "Make-up Eligibility Window" which allows you to define the number of days before or after a missed meeting that a makeup can be applied. You can go as low as 1 day or as high as 366 days, which would mean that you can only make up a meeting up to one year before of after a missed meeting. For Rotary clubs, the standard club constitution states that 14 days is acceptable. This setting can be changed from the Attendance 3.0 Settings page. [Update Feb 4 2016: This feature has been removed as per Rotary International’s standard club constitution laws.]

 Attendance 3.0: We've now added a Mass Delete option for makeups. Simply check of the makeups you wish to delete and click on the "Delete Selected" button at the bottom of the list.

Attendance 3.0: When you have more than 5 meetings open, you will see a helpful reminder message appear on your Meetings list page to let you know that due to the number of open meetings, they will not appear in any reports or calculations.

Attendance 3.0: Per customer requests, for meetings with today's date or a date in the future, we've added a message on the Makeups tab page when you open the meeting to remind users that you cannot auto-assign makeups for those dated today or in the future.

Fixes and Other Changes

Member Profile: You can now upload a PNG file for your profile photo rather than only JPEG. 

Member Profile: The editor in the Biography tab of member profiles has been updated to match the editor's used throughout the system. Issues with the link button on the Biography editor have been fixed as result.

Club Documents: For those using Firefox as their browser, the "Download All" option would not extract the files as a ZIP file; this has now been corrected.

Events 2.0: The issue with the Copy Event feature not copying all details has been corrected. All details except the guest list get copied.

Events 2.0: The registration button on the Event Details page on websites was not properly aligned in some browsers; this has been fixed so that the button is now centered.

Event Calendar: In situations where there are multiple events listed in the calendar for the same day, events will be listed in order based on the Start Time of the event. Previously, events were listed alphabetically.

Event Calendar: Early Access participants using the Next-Gen themes reported that the calendar was getting outstretched at the bottom of the page when printing it; this has been fixed.

Reports: Reports such as the Rule of 85, Gender Distribution and Age Distribution were not displaying members with custom member types; this has been rectified.

Download Member Data Report: On the District website, when using this report to filter "Clubs by Area", not all clubs were added to the resulting Excel report; this has been corrected.

Bulletin: New sponsors added were not displaying in active or new bulletins due to a rendering issue; this has been resolved.

Website: If you had a story with the exact same name as an event, this would cause rendering issues to the event; this has been resolved.

Website Designer: Modifications have been made to the Rotary Brand Next-Gen theme to address issues reported with the color of the font used on the Image Carousel and Menu Dropdowns.

Custom Pages: Customers reported difficulties in being able to select the additional options under the 'More' button in the Actions column on the Custom Pages List page; this has been fixed.

Attendance 3.0: The make-ups list had defaulted to being sorted by Meeting Date; this has been reverted back to sort by Name. You can however, click on any of the column headers to sort by a specific column.

Attendance 3.0: Guest names were showing up blank if the associated contact was deleted. This has been corrected so guest names will always be retained.

Attendance 3.0: A defect was reported where the Monthly Club report was displaying 0's in the Total Member Reported column; this has now been fixed.

Attendance 3.0: After changing the sort order of the Customized Attendance Report, if you attempted to print the report, the sort settings were reverted back to the original settings; this has been rectified.

Contacts Module: Updates have been made to the 'Mass Assign Groups' to make the page load faster.

Contacts Module: Whereas previously, if you uploaded contacts and had no custom groups defined to add the contacts to, you would get an error. We've made modifications to this so that if you do not have any groups created prior to uploading your contacts list, they will automatically be filed under a "No Group" category.

Contacts Module: Whereas previously, if you reached the maximum number of contacts assigned to your club, you were unable to edit existing contacts. This has been changed so you will still be able to edit existing contacts but will not be able to import or add new contacts. Contact us to learn more about how you can add more contacts for your club.

Volunteer Module: Before, the volunteer signup list would automatically move to the "Show Past Signups" page once the sign-up list's end date had passed. We've now implemented a 7-day grace period where the sign-up list will remain on the Sign-up List page for one week after the end-date and then automatically move.

District Grants: There was a known issue with the Header contact not being consistent with the edit section contact. This has been fixed so the two fields always match.

District Grants: The link button in the editor for the "Edit Help Text" option was reported to not work; this was fixed. 

MyEventRunner: Mac users reported that the 'Close' button that appeared on the last page on the registration for an event created with MyEventRunner did not work. This button has been removed and the registration window can now be closed simply by clicking on the X button on the browser.

MyEventRunner: In the Standard Questionnaire section, customers were able to save an "Unknown" question type; this has been corrected.


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