Service Updates (February 18 & March 6, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 17 March 2016 04:26 PM

New Features and Improvements

Image Library: We've added a soft delete/image restore capability which means you can always recover pictures that were accidentally deleted. Deleted images will automatically be moved to a new area called "Deleted Images Archive" accessible from within the Image Library itself (Click on the Website tab on the Admin page and then on Libraries from the ribbon on the left side of the page followed by Image Library). You will notice a new tab on the top right of the library from where you'll be able to recover the images. Simply right click on the image you want to add back to the main image library and click on Recover.

Carousel: You asked for it, and we listened! More options have been added to the Carousel widget properties to give you more control over display preferences. You can now remove the slide indicators, navigation arrows and the image captions. Hover over the carousel widget on the designer window and click on the 'Cog Wheel' icon to visit the widget's properties.

Contacts: Updates have been made to the opt-out feature for Contacts to make it a 'Universal' opt-out option. This means if a contact unsubscribes from an email, they will be removed from all communication channels included in the Privacy tab. As an administrator, you can control which communication channels to opt the contact out of via the Privacy tab.

Photo Albums: Updates were made to the page layout of the photo album list page on your website to bring forth a modern touch. All albums are now displayed in a 'masonry' layout rather than a plain list.

Editor: All editor windows (story, email, bulletin) were updated to improve the 'paste from word' feature. Now when you paste in your content from a word document, the links, font size, format used in the Word document will be copied into the editor. Depending on the theme you are using, the actual font and heading colors may change.

Communication 3.0: We've added a new Block List page which gives clubs and districts a universal list of all members that no longer receive emails. Essentially, this list will display your entire suppression list related to all the emails you've sent in the past, making it easy to get an overall view of who isn't receiving emails and why. To view and manage this list, click on the Communication tab on the Admin page, and then on the Email Services link.  You will then see a new link appear called "Manage Blocked Emails". Clicking on the 'remove' link next to the member will remove the member from the block list, allowing you to send emails to them in the future.

Bulletin 3.0: Based on your feedback, we've incorporated the "Show Commitments" option as a feature that can be activated on a per bulletin basis. Now, when you create or copy a bulletin, you will see a "Show Commitments" checkbox option in the properties page. If checked, the bulletin will display the member's commitments in the emailed bulletin; if not, then the entire commitments section is removed.

Site Pages: Just like for stories and custom pages, we've added shortcut tabs so you can view Site Pages are displayed in the library (this displays all), which are displayed in the Home Page Site Pages widget, and which are displayed in the Bulletin Site Pages widget. Within the Site Pages list page, we've also added a new action link called "View", which will open a live preview of the site page in a new tab.

Social Icons: Updates were made to tie the Facebook Like button that appears on stories with the Social Media Share Bar. If the share bar is turned off, stories will not include the Facebook Like Button anymore, whereas previously, the Like button could not be removed.


Fixes and Other Changes

Website Designer 3.0: There were reports that when inserting an image into the narrow column when using the Mid-Century Next-Gen theme, the image would sometimes get compressed; this has been fixed.

Website Designer 3.0: Minor UI changes were made to the International Theme to add more consistency between the widgets.

Mobile Viewing: Design updates were made to all themes to improve mobile compatibility in regards to pages and page titles, thus improving appearance.

Custom Pages: When previewing custom pages, the preview window did not display the banner or footer; this has been fixed.

Custom Pages: Updates were made to the Edit Custom Pages window to make it compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

Stories: There were some reports of an error message appearing regarding the maximum number of stories allowed as defined for the Home Page stories widget, when the limit had not been reached; this has been fixed.

Stories: When editing a story, if the author field was left blank, the preview pop-up window still displayed the default system text in the author field; this has been addressed.

News: Content in the Home Page News widget was not updating with new information immediately; this has been fixed.

Story Library: When on the draft tab, searching for a story would occasionally result in an error; this has been fixed.

Site Pages: When creating a Related page within a Site Page, if the name of the Related Page was long and went over a set character limit, this would result in an error, and the related page would not be created; this has been fixed.

Carousel: There were some instances when editing the carousel widget properties, an error would appear; this has been rectified.

Speakers: Speakers on the home page were continuing to show even if the speaker entry had been deleted; this has been fixed so the entry is deleted from both the speakers widget and speakers list page.

Speaker/Event Descriptions: There were some instances where if an event or speaker entry had a long description, the text was extending beyond the borders of the website. This has been fixed; all text should wrap in the defined space.

Sponsors Widget: For some customers, the sponsors widget was displaying the sponsors in the same order, even if the settings were marked to display at random; this has been addressed.

District Org Chart: Updates were made to improve the speed at which system processed the 'carry over to next year' option.

Club Page on District Site: Any HTML code that was added to the Club Greeting field was displaying as text on the Club Page for the district website; this has been fixed so all HTML code will be applied to the greeting.

Club Site on District: Previously, the club page on the District website only displayed 2 club executives per row in card view; this has been changed to display 3 executives per row.

Captcha: For all forms that include a captcha, if someone enters the incorrect captcha, the image will refresh to display a new captcha. Previously, this did not refresh.

Bulletin List: Sorting on this page has been changed to sort by Bulletin Date in descending order followed by the Bulletin Name in ascending order.

Bulletin Designer: Image alignment tags were not saving if you switched between the editor window and source window. Doing so would strip the image alignment tags out; this has been fixed.

Bulletin Designer: On the 'Send Bulletin' page, the "Copy me on this Bulletin' option is defaulted to yes. You can uncheck this option if you do not want to be copied.

Dues and Billing: Changes were made to the recipient list within the Dues and Billing module, such that, if the recipient does not have a valid email address in their profile, the checkbox next to their name will be disabled.

Dues and Billing: When making a payment entry, credit adjustment or debit adjustment, a new option titled "Show All Types" has been added. This will allow you to add payment transactions for all member types, including other users.

Dues and Billing: UI changes were made to the email archive page for consistency purposes.

Membership Manager: If a member's name exceeded 45 characters, it would result in error; this has been fixed.

Club Photo Directory: Fields that are included in the report now get hidden if they aren't populated. Previously, the title of the field was displayed with blank data.

Attendance 3.0: Reports of inaccurate member counts were made in the Club Attendance Report by Month; this has been fixed.

Volunteers Module: The confirmation email sent if a member cancelled their shift for a task still displayed their name in the volunteer list, making it seem as though they were still booked for that shift; this has been fixed.

Volunteers Module: Members with an access level of 60 or higher would reach an "access denied" page if they tried to access the Volunteer Signup sheet by first navigating to the Events area first; this has been rectified.

Volunteers Email: Updates were made to the emails sent from the Volunteers module to make the overall look consistent among all email clients.

Contacts: Previously, contacts within System groups could be deleted, affecting other modules (ex: Volunteers). System contacts can no longer be deleted.

Contacts: Entries using using special characters (ex: É) were not displaying correctly; this has been fixed.

District RI Integration Archive: Updates were made to the "Select the Club to which the member belongs" drop down field to include all clubs that have made RI integration updates in the past 2 years. The drop down list will not include all clubs in the district, but will only display clubs with any archive records dating back two years or less.

District/Club Dashboard: There were some instances where the district/club dashboards were not refreshing at the start of the month; this has been rectified.

District Dashboard: Values for the terminated member count were reported to be inaccurate. Clicking on the refresh icon will refresh all counts.

District Communication: When expanding a recipient list from the email message center on the District site, the titles for District positions were missing in the recipient list (pop-up window); this has been addressed.

Event ICS File: When members sign up or cancels their registration from a District event, the confirmation email was missing the ICS file; this has been addressed.

Event Calendar: When clicking on the "Print Version" of the calendar for the first time, an issue was reported, where events would not display; this has been fixed.

MyEventRunner: Going to the Dashboard, and clicking on the "Include Guests" option was disabling links and changing the member count; this has been fixed.

MyEventRunner: When copying an existing event, a pop-up screen will now appear asking to confirm/define all relevant dates, including milestones to ensure there are no dates outside of the range.

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