Service Updates (March 31 and April 14, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 02 May 2016 10:09 AM

New Features and Improvements

Email Message Center: We've added Member ID as a new mail merge field you can add to the body of your email under the Recipient drop down section.

District Membership/Attendance Report: Two new columns have been added to the District Membership and Attendance report to show the number of new and terminated members for the month.

Menu Logo on Zone Websites: The link to add a brand logo on Zone websites was added to the Website Settings page under the Graphics section.

Photo Albums Page: You can now control whether you want your photo albums to display as a list or gallery on the Photo Albums page. To change these settings, click on Website Content and navigate to the Built-in pages list. Click on the properties for the photo album page to make your selection.

Photo Albums Details Page: Updates were made to the photo albums details page to display all images in the album using a masonry layout. Masonry is a grid layout based on columns that do not have fixed height rows. This allows us optimize the use of space on the page to reduce unnecessary gaps between pictures, resulting in a cleaner looking photo album.

New Communication Channels: To help share more the most relevant information about ClubRunner, we've added three new communication channels that you can opt in or out of.

  • ClubRunner Service Updates
  • ClubRunner Product News
  • ClubRunner Newsletter

Now, you and all of your club members can choose what type of communication you want to receive from us, whether that be our bi-weekly service updates notes, information about ClubRunner features and updates or our membership newsletter. If you are a club executive, you have already been automatically opted in to all three channels. To review your communication preferences, click on the Privacy tab in your member profile.

Volunteers: Contact information for the volunteer registrant can now be edited. To edit their information, go to the sign up list and click on edit, you will be able to change their email address and phone number.

Terminate Member: When you terminate a member and select the termination reason as 'duplicate record', we will automatically hide the terminate date.

Facebook Share: We now tag all the images in your stories and pages, so when you share them on Facebook, you will be able to see the images to use as a thumbnail for your Facebook post. You can select one more.


Fixes and Other Changes

Bulletin Designer - Presidents Message: When using the Presidents Message widget, there were reports that the text was not wrapping properly; this has been fixed.

Bulletin Designer: If viewing a bulletin on a mobile device, the UI would break if the bulletin widget title was too long to display; this has been fixed.

Font Size in Editor: There were some reports that when changing the font size of your text inside a custom widget, links were not being resized; this has been addressed.

Spell Check on Stories: There were instances where the spell check feature found in the story editor would underline entire sentences rather than the incorrect word; this has been fixed.

Saving Stories: When a story was in draft mode, there was an issue where if you saved and published it, the label on the story still displayed as draft; this has been fixed.

Story Library: The 'Create New Story' button still displayed on the deleted tab of the story library; it has been removed from that tab.

Site Page Library: The 'Create New Site Page' button still displayed on the deleted tab of the site page library; it has been removed from that tab.

Events 2.0: When updating or adding events links or attachments to an existing event, the Events details page wouldn't update with this information unless the event details were republished; this has been fixed.

Calendar on Curvy Cloud Theme: For clubs using the Curvy Cloud theme, the dates on the Print Version of the calendar were being cut off towards the end of the month; this has been rectified.

Go Back Button: There were reports that clicking on the Go Back button would occasionally result in an error; this has been fixed.

Attendance 3.0: If you applied a make-up to a member who was marked as 'count only if attended', the total number of members column was not updating; this has been rectified.

Email Delivery Statistics: The statistics displayed under the Undelivered and Errors section were being calculated incorrectly resulting in inaccurate data; this has been fixed.

Email Statistics: The Manage Bounced and Blocked emails page for bulletins would occasionally fail to load with an Oops error; this has been fixed.

Homepage Carousel: There were reports of the homepage banner flickering due to adding multiple carousels to the website; this has been rectified.

Member Profile: Volunteering commitments were not being displayed under the Commitments section in the member profile; this has been fixed.

Sponsors widget: Updates were made to the sponsors widget to make it more responsive. Images should now resize, center and adjust automatically for all Next-Gen website themes.

Grants: Tax could only be input once on the Individual Project Report tab and there was an issue with being able to modify it; this has been fixed.

Single Email Contact Page: The single email contact page is what users use to contact club executives and is also the built-in contact us form. If this form is linked with an inactive member record, the page will display an error when trying to contact that member.

Photo Albums: When viewing a photo album, the images would shift on the album page after viewing the slideshow; this has been fixed.

Download Member Data Report: For non-Rotary customers, the Download Member Data report was adding duplicate records in the club position column; this has been addressed.


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