Service Updates (May 26, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 15 June 2016 03:04 PM

New Features and Improvements

Terminate Member: When terminating a member, if the reason selected is 'duplicate record on ClubRunner', the system hides the termination date and does not send an email to RI so as to prevent corrupting the real member record.

Email Communication (Opt Out): When your contacts unsubscribe from an email, they will have opted out of all communication from the club, including newsletters. Members still have the option to control their communication preferences from within their profile.

Website Search: You can now link to the new built-in website search page from anywhere on your site. We've included it as an option to link to via the navigation menu, links widget as well as any story or custom page. The search page has been added under the Built-in Pages option. When logged in, members can search for items on private pages making it easier to find and be aware of important details. If not logged in, the search will display results from all stories, custom and site pages, photo albums, and even events.

Add New Member: As per regulations set by Rotary International, updates were made to the logic behind new member additions, such that the 'Date Joined Club' must be within the last 30 days from the day the member was added to the system.

Bulletin Designer: As per your feedback, we have now added a bulletin preview pop-up preview window that appears when you click on 'send' to email your bulletin. The preview displays your live bulletin and requires you to confirm that you'd like to send your bulletin. This was done as a means to ensure you are satisfied with its layout, content and overall look.

Fixes and Other Changes

MyEventRunner: When uploading images in the Event Header, if the image file name had special characters in it (ex: #, &, +, etc.), it would result in a broken image; this has been fixed to support special characters within the title name.

Attendance 3.0: Makeup descriptions were not displaying in the Individual Member Attendance Report; this has been fixed.

Image Library: All folders within the library are now sorted alphabetically.

Image Library: Improvements were made to have the library load images faster, regardless of the number of images in it.

Sponsors Widget: Improvements were made to the sponsors widget to make it more responsive based on the website theme used and the device the website is being viewed on. The maximum size for images has increased to 500px and images will automatically resize according to where the widget is placed on the website.

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