Service Updates (July 7, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 04 August 2016 10:40 AM

Fixes and Other Changes

Bulletin Wizard: We recently launched an all-new Bulletin Designer, currently available in beta. Updates are constantly being made to this new feature based on the feedback we receive from our customers. The following is a list of a few items that we addressed:

  • We received reports that when changing themes, sometimes, the theme colors would get mixed up; this has been fixed.
  • Updates were made to address the rendering of bulletins if using Outlook.
  • Customers using Internet Explorer as their browser reported that the Send button was acting as though it was disabled; this has been fixed.
  • When using the plain text theme, recipients using Gmail found that the background color of all buttons in the newsletter were not displayed; this has been rectified.
  • When linking to an event from the new designer, there were instances where the link still directed readers to the event page, if the event had been deleted; this has been fixed to redirect to an 'event not found' page.
  • Some found that the new designer was taking around 30 seconds to load; the root issue causing this delay was addressed.

Website Designer: When adding and saving a new footer, the system inadvertently made it the current active footer; this has been fixed. Only when a footer is published to the website will it be made active.

Event Planner: When internally registering members for an event from the Event Planner screen on the Admin page, the 'pay' button was incorrectly labeled; this has been addressed.

Event Planner: The ICS files that registrants can download to save the upcoming event in their calendars were not respecting the accounts' time zone, thus causing incorrect times to be displayed; this has been rectified to display the event time based on the time zone set on the club account.

RI Integration: Adding a member to a club from the Compare & Synchronize page on the District site would result in an error; this has been rectified.

District Area Governor Page: On the AG club page, the name of the Presidents of all clubs were not displaying; this has been fixed. To view the AG club page, navigate to the District Org Chart and then click on a link to view the defined areas.

Grants: The Edit Help Text within the Grants module was not allowing users to interact with it in order to update it; this has been addressed.

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