Service Updates (August 4, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 09 September 2016 04:57 PM

New Features and Improvements

Contacts: We've added additional fields to the contacts export list to display their preference in regards to whether they have opted in or out of all emails, newsletters only or emails only.

RI Integration Upgrade: A few months ago, we'd announced how we were working with Rotary International to implement a new API which would allow us to integrate more fields automatically. The RI Integration feature now supports the following fields:

  • work website field
  • classification
  • mailing address (club)
  • phone (club)
  • fax (club)
  • club website

For more information, please click here.

Club Information Page: Introducing a new club information page from where you can manage all the details relevant to your club. Not only will you be able to specify your club mailing address, phone and fax numbers here, but will also be able to easily add your meeting schedule and location and more. You will also be able to easily view which fields are integrated with RI. To view the new page, simply log in and click on the Admin tab on the top menu bar followed by the "Club Info & Settings (Beta) link. As a reminder, you must have an access level of 50 or better to access this page.

Fixes and Other Changes

Dues and Billing: Updates were made to the email template for invoices to have the line items in the email match the order that the items were listed in when originally generating the invoice.

Attendance 3.0: For members terminated on the same day as a meeting date, the attendance calculation logic still included the member in the total count; this has been fixed and the terminated member will no longer be included.

Home Page Menu: There were reports that the publish button on the menu's preview page was not publishing the menu to the home page; this has been fixed.

Website Designer Banners: When changing the height of the banner from the "Edit Banner" page, if a background image was being used, it would not resize automatically; this has been fixed. Please note that this issue did not affect the Next-Generation themes.

Custom Pages: In instances where a club used a multiple column layout for custom pages but left one column empty, the empty column was impacting the way the content on the rest of the page appeared; this has been fixed. Please note that this issue did not affect the Next-Generation themes.

Volunteers Module: Updates were made to the padding and column widths of volunteer sign up sheets in order to better support mobile view.

Volunteers Module: When signing members up with long names, the layout of the sign up page would get affected; this has been rectified.

Volunteers Module: There were reports that when signing up members to volunteer, if you clicked on the 'Save and Book Another' option, the name fields on the volunteer sign up form would appear twice; this has been rectified.

Bulletin Wizard: Updates were made to improve the performance of the designer.

District Designations: Upon uploading a custom image for district designations, they would sometimes appear as a broken image on the website; this has been fixed.

Grants: When using the "Send to Yourself" button to email yourself a project report, some users encountered a message stating that they needed to select recipients; this has been fixed. 

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