Service Updates (August 18, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 02 September 2016 04:45 PM

New Features and Improvements

Enhanced Committees Module: The document storage area within the Enhanced Committees module now supports RTF and ZIP files up to 4MB in size. For more information on this feature, please click here.

New Currency: In an effort to support our International customers, we've added the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD) as a currency option that can be seen in the Dues and Billing, MyEventRunner and Event Planner modules. If you find that your local currency is not on the list, please contact our support team, so we can work to include it in the module.

Dues and Billing: For clubs that have the Online Payment feature enabled, when an invoice is emailed to members, it now includes a "Pay Now" link as a call to action, allowing members to log in and immediately pay their invoice via credit card.

RI Integration Upgrade: As part of the RI Integration feature upgrade, we can now automatically sync the member's "sponsor" field to RI's database. Additionally, the RI Integration feature now also supports the following fields:

  • work website field
  • classification
  • mailing address (club)
  • phone (club)
  • fax (club)
  • club website

For more information, please click here.

Attendance 3.0: When applying a makeup to a member, the meeting list will now filters the list of meetings to display eligible meetings only. This means that all other meetings such as ones which the member has already attended will not display.

District Download Member Data Report: As per the feedback we've received from a number of District officers, we've updated the Download Member Data Report on the District Version to include a new field to filter by called "Custom (Active)". This will allow the District to download information on members that are part of a custom membership type unique to their clubs. for example, some clubs have a separate membership type for their active Satellite members - Districts can now view this information.

Fixes and Other Changes

eDirectory Reports: When trying to sort the Executives and Directors report by Club Title, the report was not respecting the executives list sequence order; this has been fixed.

eDirectory Reports: In an effort to reduce the timeout errors that some clubs were receiving when attempting to generate large data reports, we made changes to how the system generates all eDirectory reports. Now, when clubs now generate eDirectory reports, the request will be added to a queue which will take up to 30 minutes for the system to prepare the report. An email will then automatically be sent to the member that generated the report informing him or her that it is ready to view.

RI Integration Compare & Sync: There were reports that the 'Add Member to ClubRunner' from RI was not always adding a member record within club's active member list. This has been fixed and further improvements have been such that the system will attempt to apply the member's Rotary ID number immediately.

Events 2.0: On any of the Next-Gen themes, if an image was added as a thumbnail for an event that was less than 250x250 in size, the system would automatically resize the image causing it to stretch; this has been fixed.

Events 2.0: Within the event description, if you used a table with an image on one column, and the text in another, the image would look skewed on the website; this has been rectified.

Events 2.0: Previously to download an ICS file to add the event to their calendar, members would click on the calendar icon on the event details page. We've now linked the ICS file to the Date and Time of the event, which now also appears as a hyperlink. Clicking on it will allow members to download the ICS file and add an event reminder for themselves in their default email client.

Contacts: Contacts that had a large name over 50 characters was affecting the layout of the Contacts List page and how the remaining details were displayed; this has been rectified such that on the List page, only the first 26 characters of the name will appear followed by ellipses should the name be longer.

Stories: Per the feedback we received, we've simplified the toolbar you see when formatting your Story Title. Now, when you click on the "Format Title" link next to a story title, you will see only the necessary buttons to apply styling.

Grants: There were reports that Grant Administrators were unable to edit the custom help text; this has been fixed.

Bulletin Wizard: Updates were made to improve the performance of the designer.

District Designations: Upon uploading a custom image for district designations, they would sometimes appear as a broken image on the website; this has been fixed.

Grants: When using the "Send to Yourself" button to email yourself a project report, some users encountered a message stating that they needed to select recipients; this has been fixed. 

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