Service Updates (October 27, 2016)
Posted by Divya T. on 09 December 2016 09:34 AM

New Features and Improvements

Calendar Items: Calendar Items, both recurring and stand-alone now appear on the Event List page in addition to the Events calendar.

Bulletin Wizard: We're happy to introduce a new Rotaract specific color scheme for the new bulletin. The color scheme is called Cranberry and it is found on the Rotary Leadership theme.  To use this new color, simply select the Rotary Leadership Bulletin theme on the bulletin, and then the Cranberry scheme which is the last color scheme. To learn more about the Bulletin Wizard, please click here.


Fixes and Other Changes

Event Planner: While inputting information in some fields on the guest registration page, it was reported that information would look cut off the on the screen. This has now been fixed.

Event Planner: When a guest registers for an event, the tag text name field only appeared in the Prepare Name tag page. We have now also added it to the Download Attendees List report.

Volunteers 3.0: UI improvements were made to the Manage Tasks page of the Volunteer Sign Up list to make it compatible with Google Chrome browsers.

Photo Albums: When users changed the amount of photos displayed on the page, and then clicked to go to the next page, it would cause a display issues by making the photos overlap. This has been fixed.

Menu Home Icon: Per your feedback, you can now remove the Home Menu Icon by clicking on the remove link when on the Home Menu Icon in the Website Designer settings area.

Next Gen Themes: Updates were made to the Next Gen themes so that the menu icon (hamburger icon) is more visible on mobile devices.

Attendance 3.0: Per your feedback, additional help text has been added at the top of each Attendance report and below each Dashboard graph to provide detailed information to further explain the purpose behind the two features.

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