Service Updates (February 16 & March 2, 2017)
Posted by Divya T. on 31 March 2017 07:22 PM

New Features and Improvements

Club Info Page: The new Club Info and Settings page now also lists club executives. From here, you can easily modify your executive listing for the current year.

Improved Security: You will notice that when visiting ClubRunner websites, the URL will now always start with HTTPS. HTTP is a protocol for a secure connection where an additional layer of security is added. Please note that this does not apply to websites with a custom domain.

MyEventRunner: For all Zone accounts using ClubRunner, we've added a new column listing the District ID on the Registered Attendees report.

Introducing the Impression theme: Introducing our latest addition to our line up of next-gen themes - Impression. Rotary approved, this theme is the closest match to the Rotary's Visual Identity guidelines. Complete with a floating menu, it also automatically adds your club name on the navigation menu to keep your branding in place at all times.


Fixes and Other Changes

Event Planner: Event registrations where the last name of the attendee contained an apostrophe were not being saved correctly; this has been fixed.

Event Planner: It was reported that previously sent emails from the Events module could be reopened to save in edit mode; this has been addressed so that past emails can only be opened in read-only mode.

MyEventRunner: Updates were made to the View Registrations page to improve the way the names of the registrants were displayed. Names should no longer break into multiple lines.

MyEventRunner: UI updates were made to MyEventRunner whereby we've refreshed the look of the module.

Bulletin Wizard: UI updates were made to the Minimalist and Leadership bulletin themes to improve the visibility of hyperlinks against the background of the newsletters.

Bulletin Wizard: When trying to add an existing global custom widget to your newsletter, the edit capabilities would lock, preventing you from adding new or editing the existing content; this has been fixed.

Bulletin Wizard: When archived bulletins were copied from the new Bulletin Wizard page, newsletter editors were being redirected back to the older version of the bulletin designer. It was also noted that the stories from the archived bulletin were not copying over; this has been fixed.

Add Club to District - French Version: Districts using the French version of ClubRunner reported that when attempting to add a new club to the district list, they would receive an error after entering the Charter date; this has been fixed.

Website Designer - Multi-Bands Content Template: A few months ago, we had introduced a new page layout which allows you to create a multi-band look on your website. Each band had a different background color. To make the design aspect clearer, you will now see a description of the background shade within the designer itself. Band sections have been labeled to inform you which section has a white background, a light background and a dark background. Placing a widget in any of those sections will automatically change the widget's background to correlate with the color of the website theme you are using.

Club Info Page: When using the new Club and Info Settings page, if updates were made to the club name or ID fields, these changes were not reflected on the District's end (if the District is also using ClubRunner). This has been fixed.

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