Service Updates (March 16 & March 30, 2017)
Posted by Divya T. on 17 May 2017 12:19 PM

New Features and Improvements

Bulletin Subscriber Form: We've updated the captcha on the the built-in Bulletin Subscriber form to Google's Captcha. This allows us to add more protection on this form, where visitors will be required to answer a validation question using the images displayed to sign up for your bulletin, ensuring that robots cannot tamper with your bulletin form.

Email History: You can now view a list of all emails you have received, including their status (whether you opened it on not), who sent it and when. Clicking on view will display the email right within ClubRunner for you. To see your email history, click on the My ClubRunner tab on your Admin page, and then on the My Email History link.

Speakers: When on the Speakers detail page, when you now click on the share to Facebook button, the speaker's picture will also automatically be included as part of your post, provided that it is 200px X 200px in size.

RI Integration Archive: Improvements were made to the RI Archive page so that you can now export results as well as add notes about any manual fixes you may have made. We've also updated column names as well as some notification messages in order to better clarify any integration error that may have occurred.

Fixes and Other Changes

Event Planner: For event setups where the payment method is set to pay by check, the email invitation the registrant receives did not include the specified instructions on how to pay; this has been fixed.

Event Planner Email Invitation Stats: When viewing the statistics for email invitations, the time displayed indicating when the email was sent was incorrect. This only affected a handful of clubs who did not have the correct time zone set; this has been addressed.

Recurring Calendar Item: On the Calendar or Event list page, if a recurring calendar item was clicked on, you would be redirected to the details of the first recurring instance, rather than the details of the event item you clicked on; this has been fixed.

MyEventRunner: It was reported that an event end time could be defined to be before the event start time when specifying your event details in MyEventRunner; this has been addressed.

Bulletin Wizard: When trying to add the bulletin editor's name in the Editor field, the system failed to automatically display names of members, as you typed; this has been fixed.

Bulletin Wizard: UI improvements were made to the Bulletin welcome page to better display the thumbnails of recent bulletins.

Bulletin Wizard: It was reported that when using a pre-defined widget in the new Bulletin Wizard, if an image was linked to a URL, you could not edit the link later; this has been addressed, so links can be updated.

Email Message Center: If you selected the "Send list of recipients as an attachment" option in your email, and saved your email as a draft, the system failed to remember your selection when you opened the email to send it; this has been fixed.

Email Message Center: When copying an email to resend, the system automatically selects the same recipient group that the previous email was sent to. It was found that if the distribution list included recipients that were members and contacts, the copied recipient list was not including members; this has been fixed.

Club Info & Settings (French Language): In our French version of ClubRunner, when changing the club logo, the page would not refresh to display this change; this has been addressed.

Grants: On the Grants Activity log, it was reported that text inside the pop-up window could not be highlighted, and that the window would close if you clicked anywhere within the pop-up window itself; this has been fixed.

Grants: When adding details to the Individual Project Report, if the link icon was clicked on the toolbar, this would cause the browser window to freeze; this has been fixed.

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