Service Updates (April 13 and April 27, 2017)
Posted by Divya T. on 17 May 2017 12:19 PM

New Features and Improvements

Enhanced Committees Module: We've increased the document storage limit within the Enhanced Committees Module to 10MB per file.

Next-Gen Websites: On all Next-Gen themes, we've added a "Back to Top" icon on the webpages. This icon will always display on the bottom right corner and will also appear on mobile devices, making it easier for website visitors to navigate to the top.

Mass Download Documents: Improvements were made to the mass download function on documents, so that if you have a file name within a folder, the system will automatically append a number after the name to prevent errors.

Fixes and Other Changes

Bulletin Wizard: On occasion, when adding a preformatted widget to your bulletin, if you attempted to go into the Properties screen for the widget, the page would not load; this has been fixed.

MyEventRunner: Only affecting a handful of clubs, in specific situations, the Attendee list within MyEventRunner was not populating with the complete list of registered attendants; this has been addressed.

Committees Module: Improvements were made to the logic behind the way the system validates a member being added to a committee.

Birthdays and Anniversary Report: When filtering by Anniversary, this report was not including new members; this has been fixed.

Dues and Billing - Monthly Balance Report: When filtering by a specific date range within the Monthly Balance Report, the dates displayed were incorrect; this has been rectified.

Dues and Billing - Export to Quickbooks: When exporting your report to a desktop version of Quickbooks, you have the ability to change field names in your report. The downloaded report was not displaying any updated field names; this has been fixed.

Rotary RSS widget: Technical issues on RI's end had caused the Rotary RSS widget to stop working; this has been fixed.

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