Service Updates (March 6, 2014)
Posted by Jason D. on 10 April 2014 09:35 AM

New Features and Improvements


  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 – Now available for all Non-Rotary clubs
  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 – Create new story from existing story option now available
  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 - Display/Hide Social Media Share Bar Update
  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 – Ability to add a custom link to the Club Information Widget
  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 – New member designations added
  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 – Enhancements to Upcoming Events and Speakers widgets
  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 – Enhancements to the Document and file linking from the HTML editor
  • Website Designer Version 3.0 – Additional page templates now available on Page Designer
  • eBulletin 3.0 – New option to archive bulletin after sending is now available
  • District Grants Version 3.0 – Clubs can now only submit grants for the Rotary year their signed MOU is set for
  • Dues and Billing – New configuration settings for Honorary and Ex-Members when creating new invoices
  • Dues and Billing – New Cancel transaction option available
  • District and Club Version 2.0 – Updates to Search Member eDirectory functionality

Introducing ClubRunner Version 3.0 for Non-Rotary Clubs!

We're pleased to announce that Version 3.0 is now available for all Non-Rotary Clubs. Site Administrators will now see the "Preview Version 3.0" button the top right of the Admin page, from where they will be able to migrate their current site data from Version 2.0 to Version 3.0. Once the data has been successfully migrated and you are satisfied with the look of your website, simply click on the "Switch to V3" button to make the switch.

ClubRunner Version 3.0 - Copy from an Existing Story

When creating a new story, you will now see a new option on the top right entitled "Copy from an Existing Story". With this option, you have the ability to copy and edit your existing stories and save them as a new story. The copied version will include the story title, brief and content and if the display options such as the author, date or social media button settings were specified, they too will be brought forward to your new story. You can then go in and make changes, add design elements, and have the option to display the story on either your homepage or bulletin.

ClubRunner Version 3.0 - Ability to Hide/Display Social Media Share Buttons

Prefer not to display the social media share buttons on specific pages? Now, when creating or editing any of the following:

  • News
  • Stories
  • Photo Albums
  • Events
  • Speakers

A display option has been added to enable you to select whether you wish to display the Social Media Share bar. To hide the buttons, simply uncheck the selection.

ClubRunner Version 3.0 - Ability to Add Custom Link to Club Information Widget

A popular request, we've added the ability to add custom links within the Club Information (Club Meeting Information) widget. Within the widget's property screen, you will see two new fields under the "Content Properties" section: "Custom Link URL" and "Custom link Text". Here you can add a link to any external website or your site/custom pages. The text you input in the Custom link Text field will display on the widget. This option is great for clubs to link to a site page with directions to the club meeting location, or the club's facebook or twitter page, etc.

ClubRunner Version 3.0 - New Member Designations

New Member Designation options have been added to the Universal Designations list for all clubs. The new designations include:

  • DO: District Officer
  • PDO: Past District Officer
  • P19 :PHF+1-9

ClubRunner Version 3.0 - Upcoming Events and Speakers Widget Update

Now, when you copy your bulletin to create a new edition, if there are speaker and events widgets that were used in the original bulletin, they will automatically update with the newest information (dates, events, etc.) in the new edition you create.

ClubRunner Version 3.0 - Document and File Linking Enhancements

Linking to your documents, files, custom pages and site pages has become easier! Within the HTML editors, you will see a "Link" button which once clicked on will provide you with options to first choose a 'link type', which can be a URL, Custom Page, Document, Photo Album, etc. Selecting the type will then display the options available to you. For example, if you choose to link to a document, you will then see a drop down menu of all the documents uploaded on your website.

Website Designer 3.0 - Selecting Custom Template from Setup Screen

When creating a new Custom Page, you will now see a button next to the Content Template section, which will allow you to pre-select the content template you'd like to use for your Custom Page.

Bulletin Designer 3.0 - Archive After Send Option

You now have the ability to archive your bulletin immediately after sending it. To do this, simply select the Archive checkbox under the "Send Your Bulletin". Even if you have scheduled your bulletin to be sent at a later date, if this option is selected, your bulletin will still be archived immediately.

District Grants 3.0 - New MOU Settings

Updates have been made to the District Grants module such that clubs can only submit Grants for the Rotary year that their MOU is set for.

Dues and Billing - Configuration Settings

The Account Configuration page within the Dues and Billing module has been updated with more options to give clubs more control over their billing processes. Additional display options regarding displaying Ex-Members and Honorary Members have also been added, so you can further control the members you see listed in the roster list within the billing screen, when you generate invoices.

Dues and Billing - Cancel Transactions

For cases where the wrong invoice is generated for members, treasurers will now have the option to cancel the transaction instead of entering a credit or debit transaction to adjust the outstanding balance.

Club and District Version 2.0 - Search Member Option

Updates have been made to this feature so that you are now able to search for members by entering only a partial email address just like you do for names. 

Fixes and Other Changes


  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 – Speakers page updated: most recent upcoming speaker displays first on the list
  • Events 2.0 - Event's Chair email address is now included in email confirmations sent to non-members and guest of non-members.
  • Events 2.0 - Club Registration Status Report now displays and sorts “Undecided Members” list by Last Name, similar to the “Registered Members” list.
  • MyEventRunner – Error message no longer displays on Registration forms when users try to modify their previously registered add-on selections on events that did not include packages.
  • MyEventRunner – Fix the issue with event registration emails not supporting HTML tags in event title names in the Registration Summary section.
  • ClubRunner 2.0 – Corrected an issue for ex-members in the Inactive List not displaying the correct "Reason For Termination" on the Rotary profile section and the Download Member Data file.
  • ClubRunner 2.0 – Fix issue with the Member Profile page not displaying when using the Português website language.
  • ClubRunner Version 2.0 – Profile field Birthday has been updated to Date of Birth.
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