Service Updates (April 3, 2014)
Posted by Jason D. on 10 April 2014 09:35 AM
New Features and Improvements


  • ClubRunner Verison 3.0 - Format Title Option Available for Stories
  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 – New RI Logos and graphics available in Image Library list.
  • Website Content Version 3.0 - New icons for Sub-Pages and Related-Pages.
  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 – Updates to the Club Communication recipients list.
  • MyEventRunner – Mail merge fields available for Email Service.
  • District Grants – Club’s permission update for completed grants.

ClubRunner Version 3.0 - Ability to Format Story Titles

To give users more control over formatting, we've made it simpler to format story titles. Whereas earlier, any customization required the story editor to use HTML tags to apply style elements to the title, you will now see a 'Format Options' link next to the title field. Clicking on it will open a new editor window from where you will be able to easily bold, italicize, underline, change the font, colour and size of your title.

ClubRunner Version 3.0 - New RI Logos and Graphics in Image Library

Image libraries in both the club and District version have been updated with new Rotary images in different sizes.

ClubRunner Version 3.0 - Club Communication Recipient List Access Updates

All members that have been defined as a Club Executive or those that have an access level of 50 or better will now have access to the "Club Executive and Directors" recipient list within the Email Message Center.

MyEventRunner - Mail Merge Fields

Event chairs emailing registrants through MyEventRunner can now use mail merge tags to populate information in their emails such as recipient name, recipient spouse name, club name, sender name, account name, etc.

District Grants 3.0 - Club Permissions for Grants

We've updated the permission settings surrounding being able to mark a Grant application as completed once it has been marked as 'funded'. Post this update, only District Administrators will be able to mark Grants as Completed.


Fixes and Other Changes


  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 - Fixed the issue with widgets inside Custom Pages not honouring the show/hide title settings.
  • ClubRunner Version 2 and Version 3.0 – Changes to the password reset screen have been made to make the process easier to follow.
  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 - Fixed issue with system not allowing club members set as Site Page or Photo Albums owners (inside Site Pages) to be deleted.
  • Website Content 3.0 - The system no longer generates errors when editing or deleting links from the Story Library page.
  • ClubRunner Version 3.0 – Text Update made on Admin Page next to the v2 Email Message Center link notifying all Version 3 users with a discontinuation notice. Please note that you can continue to use the Version 2.0 system until July 24, 2014, after which it will be discontinued.
  • Bulletin Version 2.0 - Fixed the issue with web browser’s back button generating duplicate bulletins.
  • District Version 2.0 – Fixed issue with Club’s meeting information getting wrapped around the club logo on the District Club Info page.
  • MyEventRunner - The system no longer allow users to create duplicate milestone dates or milestone dates that are the same as the registration end date.

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