Service Updates (August 7, 2014)
Posted by Divya T. on 25 August 2014 10:29 AM

New Features and Improvements

  • Website Designer 2.0 - Internet Explorer 8 no longer supported for use with Website Designer 2.0.
  • Website Designer 3.0 - Introducing a new and improved simplified captcha.
  • Email Communication 3.0 - Display sequence update for draft, scheduled and sent emails.
  • Dues and Billing module - Thailand currency (Baht) added to our list of supported currencies.

Website Designer 2.0 - IE8 no longer supported

To continue to deliver the best and safest website experience, the ClubRunner system takes advantage of the newest updates and advances in browser technology. As a result, Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported by Website Designer 2.0.

Website Designer 3.0 - New CAPTCHA

Based on the feedback received, we've updated the CAPTCHA used within our system to make it easier to read. The CAPTCHA has replaced the previous version on several pages already and will continue to be added to the remaining signup pages.

Email Communication 3.0 - Display sequence update

Within the Email Communications screen, you now have the option to display your emails in ascending or descending order for the emails saved as draft, those that are scheduled to be sent or those that have already been sent.

Dues and Billing Module - New currency added

Thai currency (Baht) has been added to the growing list of supported currencies within the Dues and Billing module.


Fixes and Other Changes

  • Email Communication 3.0 - Displays and functionality issues related to IE9 have been fixed.
  • Email Communication 3.0 - Issues with the "Image" button in the email template section have been fixed.
  • Email Communication 3.0 - Discrepancies between ClubRunner and Mailjet of sent emails displayed in the Email Traffic Report page have been fixed.  Both reports now display the same number of sent emails.
  • Website Designer 3.0 - Small UI fixes to the Bulletins page for the International theme.
  • Website Designer 3.0 - Websites using custom domains no longer experience UI errors when switching between different website languages in the Home Page.
  • Website Designer 3.0 - Accessing the built-in "Contact Us" page no longer generates an error message.
  • eBulletin Designer 3.0 - (For Spanish UI only) For events included in the Bulletin Upcoming Events widget, the time and date fields now display in the correct format.
  • NonRotary District Version 2.0 - Accessing eDirectory Builder 2.0 no longer generates an error message.
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