Service Updates (August 21, 2014)
Posted by Divya T. on 05 September 2014 04:56 PM

New Features and Improvements

  • eBulletin 3.0 - Bookings from signup lists will now be included under “My Commitments” section in Club bulletins.

eBulletin 3.0 - Volunteer Commitments will now display under the 'My Commitments' section in Club bulletins

Once members signup to volunteer for events, you have the ability to include this activity in your club bulletins, under the 'My Commitments' section, which is automatically populated for each member. To activate this option, simply select the 'Send member commitments with bulletin' option on the "Edit Club Info & Settings Page".


Fixes and Other Changes

  • Website Designer 3.0 - Fixed issue with event images not resizing on the Events listing page.
  • Website Designer 3.0 - Fixed issue with “Go back” button not working correctly in some sections of ClubRunner.
  • Website Content 3.0 - Fixed issue in Story Library with the "More" option disappearing when trying to select an option.
  • eBulletin Designer 3.0 - Rectified issue with error messages appearubg when using the "format options" link while inserting the HTML code for apostrophes.
  • MyEventRunner - Duplicate MyEventRunner events no longer generate an error when accessing the View Attendees link menu.
  • MyEventRunner - HTML text entered to package details (source tab) section no longer adds an extra <br> tag after saving the changes.
  • MyEventRunner - Translation updates to Spanish registration forms.
  • Email Communication 3.0 - Fixed issue with Level 70 users having access to view all emails in the Email communication page.
  • Email Communication 3.0 - Fixed issue with Clubs with multiple website languages enabled only displaying Email Statistics data for one of the languages.
  • Email Communication 3.0 - Fixed issue with the status of scheduled zone communication emails not updating in the email list.
  • Email Communication 3.0 (For Spanish UI only) - Fixed issues with page returning an error message when trying to open a draft or new message. Time formatting issues have also been fixed during this release.
  • District Version 3.0 - Fixed issue with some Club Information pages not getting created in the "Club Directory & Contacts" page.
  • District Version 3.0 - The "View Bulletin" link available in the "Edit Club Information" page is now redirecting to the correct Version 2/Version 3 Bulletin List page.
  • eBulletin 2.0 – Updated text on the send confirmation pop-up message displayed in the Dynamic Bulletin Email page.
  • District Grants - Fixed ability to modify Local Tax amount for submitted grants.
  • NonRotary Dues & Billing module - Monthly Balance Report is now reporting correct balances for all users.


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