Service Updates (September 18, 2014)
Posted by Divya T. on 24 September 2014 09:24 AM

New Features and Improvements

  • Website Designer 3.0: Updates made to Unsubscribe option on all unsubscribe pages
  • eBulletin 3.0: Subject line for templates is no longer required
  • Dues and Billing: Sequence of items entered in invoice

Website Designer 3.0: Updates made to the unsubscribe option on all pages

All captcha validation fields have been removed from any pages where an unsubscribe option was available to make the opt out process a one-click step. To opt out of receiving communications, visitors will now only need to click on the Unsubscribe link and then on the submit button to confirm.

eBulletin 3.0: Subject line for templates is no longer required

Based on your feedback, the subject line for new email templates created in Version 3.0 is no longer a required field.

Dues and Billing: Sequence of items entered invoice

We have updated the display sequence of invoice items to match the original order they were entered in. This means that when a bill is created and various items are entered in, the sequence that those items were entered in will remain the same, once the invoice is emailed out. This change applies to the following sections:

  • Batch Main page
  • Invoice Summary Report page
  • Invoice Summary Report > View/Print page
  • Invoice Summary Report > PDF File
  • Invoice Summary Report > Email Invoice page
  • Billing Roster > Preview the individual invoice pages


Fixes and Other Changes

  • Website Designer 3.0: Rectified instance where "Preview Version 3.0" button appeard on Zone accounts that switched to Version 3.0.
  • Website Contents 3.0: Fixed redirect between English and French multi-lingual websites.
  • eBulletin 3.0: Bulletins with settings marked as "requires login" no longer appear on the homepage bulletin widget unless members are logged in.
  • District 3.0: The District Club Info page no longer displays a broken logo image for clubs not subscribed to ClubRunner.
  • District 3.0: The "Show All Emails" button is now available to all users with District Communication permission.
  • ClubRunner 2.0 (Portuguese Only): Fixed issue where certain users were unable to modify their profile information.
  • Email Communications 3.0: Fixed issue where club types that had "Include Email List" option unchecked were not able to view custom distribution lists in Email Message Center 3.0.
  • Events 2.0: Fixed issue where guests could register for deleted events.
  • Events 2.0: Event chair's preferred phone number now displays for events.
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