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Attached is a file outlining steps for RI-CAS (ClubMate) Member Data Exporting.
Click on the attachment below to download the latest member cheat sheet.
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Attached are screen shots of what club members with various access levels see when logged in to your site.
Attached you will a Rotary Sample Member Data template in .XLS format.
Committee Management Guide 2011
A Guide to using MyEventRunner.
Guide to the District Version of ClubRunner
District Training for Club Executives
Attached you will find the Rotary International Integration Guide.  Last updated on August 12, 2016.  
Attached you will a PowerPoint file that outlines the RI Integration process. Last updated on August 23, 2016.  
Barcode User Guide - CS3000
Dynamic Bulletin Guide 2011
Dues & Billing Guide
ClubRunner Club Presentation Recommended Agenda
AG Module Guide
Event Planner Guide
Download Member Data Guide
The attached document outlines the use of the GENDER DISTRIBUTION REPORT feature.
Birthday & Anniversary Report
PDF Document of the Years of Service Report
Attached you will find an AGE DISTRIBUTION REPORT guide in PDF format.
PDF Document for Rule of 85 Report
The Attachment includes the list of all supported fields and quick how-to instructions on opting in. Last updated on Mar 16, 2017.
Guide to Switching to ClubRunner Version 3.0
The attached document outlines the various DISTRICT ACCESS LEVELS.
Click on the attachment below to get a PDF version of the Guide.
Download the PDF document to learn how you can easily switch from Version 1 to Version 2 of the eBulletin.
Click on the PDF file below to download the Volunteers Module Guide. Last updated on Sept 26, 2016.
For a complete tutorial, refer to the attached Email Message Center Guide.      
Below is the attachment guide. Click on the PDF to open the guide.
Click on the PDF file below to download the Meeting Responsibilites (Duty Roster) Guide.
Please open the following two guides regarding translating ClubRunner into various languages. If you are interested in joining our Global Translators project, please contact us. 1. Getting started guide for the Translation Portal 2. Important Notice r...
eDirectory 2.0 Guide