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Learn how to integrate with Rotary International in this video. Duration: 9 minutes.
This video for new or prospective clubs provides an overview of some of ClubRunner's key features. Duration: 29 minutes
This video provides an extensive walk through of various web content functions. Duration: 42 minutes
This recorded webinar covers the creation of a bulletin template and publication of template-based bulletins. Duration: 63 minutes
This recorded webinar covers the creation and use of site pages and custom pages. Duration: 17 minutes
VIDEO TOPICS 0:23 - Attendance 3.0 30:12 - Dues and Billing
Sections in the video: 1. Introduction: 0:00 - 3:56 2. Begin Demonstration: 3:57 3. Wrap up: 23:03 4. Q&A: 24:10
Learn the basics of RI integration. Duration: 13 minutes
Learn about the "Website Content" section in ClubRunner. Topics include: - Stories - Download Files - Photo Albums - Widgets - Image Library - Sponsors - Site pages and Custom pages
An in depth look at Social media concepts, presented by Halle A. and Divya T. These concepts can be used to help improve your Club's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. pages. Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 5:30 - Plan of Action 9:18 - Branding 12:10 - Best P...
Learn about our brand new Membership Success module in this webinar hosted by Halle and Divya which was on July 7th, 2017. Duration: 1 hour VIDEO TOPICS 0:00 - Introduction 10:33 - Live demonstration 35:12 - Timeline for completion & Opting in 37:30...