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Service Updates (March 16, 2017)
Posted by Divya T. on 22 March 2017 03:45 PM

New Features and Improvements

New Captcha on the Bulletin Subscribers Sign Up Form: To improve security of form submissions, we've updated the Captcha we use on the Bulletin Subscribers Sign Up form. We will be rolling the new version of Captcha across the system slowly.

Age Trend Reports: We've updated our Age Distribution report so that the listed age groups now match the age trends listed on RI's end. You will now see the age groups beginning with 29 and under and going up to 70 and over. Note, that if you are still seeing the old age groups, simply click on the gear icon to refresh the report.

Mobile App:  Available for iPhones and Androids, the latest update allows you to view upcoming events and speakers. Click here to learn more.

Fixes and Other Changes

Bulletin Wizard: When creating a new bulletin or copying an existing one, the editor's name would not display; this has been fixed.

Bulletin Wizard - Story List: Per your feedback, now when you edit or add a new story to your newsletter, you will be redirected back to the list of stories available for your bulletin so you can continue to add more. Previously, we directed you back to the newsletter designer.

Event Planner RSVP: It was found that if a registrant clicked on the "Register Me" button more than once, duplicate registrations for that member would be created; this has been addressed.

Email Distribution List Options: Within the Email Message Center, if you checked the "Send a list of recipients as an attachment" option and then saved the email as a draft, the system would not remember this selection; this has been fixed.

New Club Info and Settings Page - Club Logo: When trying to update your club logo from the new Club Info and Settings page, to see your new image, you would have to refresh the page; this has been addressed so that the newly uploaded logo appears immediately.

Event Planner - AM/PM Fields: Previously, we displayed AM or PM fields for events for all of our customers, regardless of country. However, as per your feedback, those customers using ClubRunner in French, Russian, Italian, Romanian and Spanish will no longer see these references to time as they use military time.